Why I’m hyped up about a new coffee shop in Uitenhage – Agape (win vouchers)

Friday (March 23, 2018) sees the opening of a new coffee shop in Uitenhage (my hometown) and I thought I’d explain why I’m so excited about it.

My husband asked if I had shares in the place when I excitedly told him about it for the second time in an hour… No, I do not have shares (I have never even met the owners). All I have is short-term memory problems and a healthy dose of excitement, here’s why.

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How I’m not bored of my daily Herbalife shake yet (recipes)

The first time I  tried Herbalife it did not go nearly as well as this time around.  I got so bored of plain old vanilla shake that at some points I would down the shake like a frat boy playing some beer related game. I just needed to get it in my stomach and move on with my life. Clearly, this would not make a good lifestyle choice.

So when the Lifestyle Wellness Hub offered to sponsor product for Robin and myself for three months I knew I would need to actually live up to my end of the bargain, and give it a real try. This is where the following recipes came in as a way to keep things interesting.

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Oral health tips for the entire family  (and a chance to win)

On this here, World Oral Health Day I thought I would share a few oral health tips for the ENTIRE FAMILY , also, in partnership with Andolex  I’m giving away a  Oral B electric toothbrush worth R 350.00 and some Andolex Antibacterial Mouthwash (which is what we use at home these days)

I say entire family because as with most things we are so focused on the kids that we let our own everything (including oral health) fall by the way side

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