Tips for cooking ahead

I am by no means an expert, BUT I can say that cooking ahead is really working for our family.

Leaving home at 6am and getting back at 6pm means very little time with Aidan, little time as a family – if I’m honest  (the need to just get things ready can also make us kinda snappy, all of us) So cooking ahead means we can go for a walk together or hang out in what would usually be our cooking time.

Then we pop a meal in the oven/microwave and we have home cooked meals without the fuss (well there is fuss, every second Sunday there is a lot of fuss.) But I’m loving it and wanted to share tips with anyone considering this…

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Time saving tips that actually work

People are always asking me how I juggle my various roles and find time for things (some honestly want to know others are just throwing shade…I see you). Like the person who told me she wished she had so much time to faff around making crafts like I did. I replied that you find time for things you love (like her finding time to speak nonsense to me)

I work in an office daily, do freelance writing, blog, YouTube and my little jewelry business is taking off – from next week I will officially be in three stores, yeah me – I’m also planning the #ECMeetup with Luchae . So with a three year old and a husband who would like to see me more than on my way in and out of the house, I have to be really creative with my time:

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