Tips for safe trading with Paxful

When Paxful first contacted me I was nervous. Bitcoin trading scared me because between me being a journalist and my husband being a detective this household is always operating on, “hmmmm that’s suspicious” vibes.

I told them that if I was going to be speaking to my readers about Paxful I was going to need some safeguards. Tips to keep us safe in the world of Bitcoin, and they came through with great pointers.

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Microblade brow alternatives

So today I’m talking about microblade brow alternatives because last year I had my brows microbladed and a lot of readers loved the outcome, but were a little nervous about the commitment, sooooo I chatted to my brow tech, Lisa, (I have those things, I’m fancy) and she shared the following.

All info comes from Lisa of Siren’s Cove, so check it out and see if anything catches your fancy. So here you go…some microblade brow alternatives to try out.

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