A thank you to the coach, from an anxious mom

As an anxious mom I have found an ally in an unexpected place. In the time of #teachersareuseless (which I don’t believe for a second) and #menaretrash   I thought I would do a quick thank you to a male teacher who has helped us more than I think he realizes.

My son is an anxious little person. He is, knowing his parents quite well, I’m not all that surprised. Shame, they try hey, they try to never let their anxious nature come to the forefront when he is involved and have even enlisted the help of a therapist to help them not mess him up beyond repair. The anxious nature seems to have been inherited though, along with overly pouty lips and a penchant for big words.

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Iwori beauty – unisex review

When we received a range of Iwori skincare/body products for the last ECmeetup we were super excited because the products are vegan, cruelty free and made with sustainability in mind. Although the products are aimed at women I asked Rob (he’s the husband for those new around these parts, to try it out with me, just for funsies)

I often opt to buy skincare products that all three of us can use, we just go for natural and gentle and then don’t have to have mamma bear, pappa bear and baby bear shelves in the bathroom (obviously some things are bought to our specific needs – and for hygienic reasons[like separate toothbrushes and rollon-] – but in general, we try to enjoy a fuss free existence… All for one and one lotion for all)

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The Curls Factory’s 6 Tips to Healthy Curls:

I don’t know a single human woman who doesn’t get super annoyed at their hair. Everyone I know has wanted to just shave it off, do some extreme treatment or buy a weeks worth of wigs. I often start wondering if relaxer isn’t the way to go, straighten this mess and see what happens…luckily for me I follow many local ladies with enviable curls who make me stick to my guns and stay away from the cream crack (relaxer)

One such local hair guru is Racquel from The Curls Factory her hair is incredible and she does really cool reviews. I asked her for tips for keeping my hair healthy and this is what she had to share

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