Expert advice for those day one natural hair questions 

There are so many natural hair questions! So many things Naturalistas want to get to the bottom of before taking the big step, or big chop. Today I share answers from an expert because I am the first to admit that unlike my eyeliner, I’m winging this.
THE Amanda Cooke, better known as Mandy from Cape Town Curly (one of the organisers of the annual The Cape Town Natural Hair Fest and my personal hair crush) has answered the top natural hair questions that seem to be plaguing newbies (judging by my inbox) so here goes

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Sorry for my narcissism

So am I admitting narcissism?, well sort of, but not purposeful narcissism, is that a thing?

I read an article tonight about a woman who realised that she would unintentionally shift focus in conversations to herself, conversational narcissism, she called it, and it struck a cord… So I’m here to apologize …

I know I have a similar habit. It comes from a good place, but heart attacks come from hearts so that’s no excuse.

The thing is, I hate seeing people distressed, I want to help, I want to make things better, and sometimes I end up making it about me. I want my friends to feel like they are not alone, like I get it, like they are not some strange being feeling things in a vacuum, but often I f it up and end up with this focus shift situation.

Like a friend says I’m cold… I will say, me too (well unless I’m not cold, the problem is conversational narcissism not lying) instead of saying, “can I help?”

Someone says so and so upset them and I will tell them: “it’s okay to feel upset, things like that upset me too” sometimes sharing a similar story, instead of just letting them just wallow in their upsettness.

It never really occured to me until I read the article (also people still hang out with me so I can’t be THAT bad) but now I’m suitably shamefaced. SO…

If my need to make you feel understood had resulted in you not feeling heard, I apologize. I apologize if my need to make you feel “like you are not alone” has resulted in making you feel “not validated”

It came with good intentions… But so did many wars… So I humbly apologize and am resolute in my quest to listen without trying to fix it because quite frankly we all just need a moan now and again and not everyone has a blog to do that.

Can wooden toys stack up in a tech world (Tooky Toy review)

So it looks like Tooky Toy wooden play sets have reformed my tech crazy boys…

Aidan and Caleb don’t spend the whole day stuck to the TV or their tablets, they get out, they play in the dirt and cause a whole lot of trouble. However, when it comes to their toys, only buttons and batteries need apply… Until now

Aidan received the Tooky Toy Pattern Pegs and The Construction Builder Set from Baby Womb World to review and it was love at first sight (and naturally he needed to share with his cousin)… His obsession with these wooden toys are a pleasant surprise from the kid who wants to shove batteries in his plush toys so they can “do something”.

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An eco-friendly party on a budget…

I wanted to give my little eco-warrior an eco-friendly party this year… Within the time and money constraints I was facing. I mean I couldn’t have the party in a hut on a mountain, (where we hiked because of the carbon footprint) and ate only 100% organic produce picked by the light of the moon wearing only certified vegan flip-flops… Not yet anyway.

So how did a run of the mill, mom with a penchant for cheap imports make things reduced waste and vegetarian? Well….

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How many kids need to die before we admit bullying is a thing?

Okay so bullying sucks! And for something to suck it needs to exist right? So why are so many people still acting like it’s not a thing? As if people are just over reacting and that only sticks and stones break bones.

Well these words that never hurt you are hurting kids. The sticks and stones are becoming knives and guns and even blades, pills and rope. Kids are murdering their bullies and killing themselves. So why are we still saying, “kids need to toughen up” and “cowboys don’t cry” and something about “back in my day” Dude, back in your day we didn’t need to put a down payment on an avo so it’s safe to say your day is long gone.

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