The low down on essential oils for winter

Because I am very open about my use of essential oils I’m often asked all kinds of questions regarding the use of oils…but because I’m basically only google certified and don’t want to have anyone injured on my watch, I thought I’d ask an expert

So I called on, mom, wellness guide and oil expert, Carlene Muilwyk to answer some questions around which essential oils we should be stocking up on during winter. (check my social media to see how you can win my favourites)

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So KidsCon is a thing!

This KidsCon post is not sponsored, I just know that many of you are in the same “mom of a gamer position” I am in, so I had to share that the highly anticipated ComicCon that takes place in Johannesburg, just had a baby.

Okay, I’m being silly, but from September 21st the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand will have a dedicated kids section at ComicCon

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So I’m starting a thing in Uitenhage

I’m a Uitenhage girl… I’m quite proud of that fact even when we have to listen to the rest of the metro list why we suck in meme form… But like most of those who live here we know why we do; the community the comaradery and much less traffic.

(Picture by: Odette Johaar)

I realised that if I was going to say I’m #teamuitenhage I was going to have to put my money (my time, my contacts, my passion) where my mouth is and invest in the town and thanks to Agape coffee shop, I’m doing just that.

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