Tricks to getting glammed up – out of your handbag

I’m not sure why I thought of doing a glammed up post today. I sure am not looking super glam , but the thing is, if I had to I could. No I am not just being full of myself, this is a time tested “template” which I figured I’d share because, I’m a sharer like that.

First the back story. I live “out of town” by “out of town” I mean a good drive in and out to the office every day. So when I was a lifestyle reporter (and even now as a blogger) going home to get dressed up for a function would mean too much time and hassle (also petrol is expensive) , because of this I learnt to get glammed up in places like, mall bathrooms, the back seat of the car and even an abandoned office. What used to be a clumsy hope and prayer situation has been fine tuned and these are my tips.

Why would you need these tips? Because you never know when you need to be glammed up in a pinch, that’s why

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Come see Dalin Oliver’s new show with me

Comedian Dalin Oliver is back in town and Rob and I are super ready to make a date night out of it! Anyone want to join us? Not like join us, join us, kind of go on their own respective date night that just happens to be on the same date.  What I am trying to ask is; who wants to win tickets to Dalin Oliver’s Face for Radio show on September 28? (Jip that way sounds less like solicitation)

The last time Dalin Oliver was in town I thought that he was fairly new to the SA comedy scene, fresh from being a “failed teacher” and finding his feet on stage. But quite honestly his talent shone through right from the start. This is when I did some research and found out that between 2011 and 2013 he had been sharing the stage and touring as an opening act with industry stalwarts such as Riaad Moosa, Barry Hilton and Stuart Taylor as well as performing at the Vodacom Funny Festival and Community Road Show.

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Easy hairstyles for stretching the blowout

I am all for easy hairstyles and with my recent blowout I knew I had to find a way to make it last. When people see me with straight hair the question is always “why don’t you do it more often, the answer is; “I don’t have hours (to be fair the last one was not that long) to sit around so that my hair stays straight for the time it takes to take three selfies”. My hair wants to be curly so from the moment I get up off the chair it is ready to go back to its roots. (pun intended).  So if I do get my hair blow-dried I want to get a few days out of it …here is how I managed it.

easy hairstyles


My easy hairstyles for post blowout:

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Easiest DIY toy ever

When last did I do a DIY Toy here? When last did I do a DIY anything? those of you new to the blog, I used to focus mostly on crafts and DIYs , hacks and tips and although the hacks and tips are here every week I have not DIYed in a while – actually no, I have, I just have not taken any pictures of said DIYs in a while…so last night Aidan and I sat down at my crafting desk (yes i have one of those) and came up with these face pebbles.

This diy toy is  sooo simple and can be used in a variety of ways, we play tic-tac-toe,  memory and we also do simple addition and subtraction games (yes , my kid thinks maths is a game. yes, I should get a maternity test)

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Is a booster seat just being extra?

Am I being extra by wanting a booster seat? I have been asking myself this lately. Mainly because I am not exactly rolling in the money over here and have spent so much of Aidan’s little life defending my decision to ALWAYS have him in a car seat, even if it upsets family members and means I can’t give a lift to someone who needs it.

It’s a tough one, this booster seat business. Even the car seat business, I mean when you deal with a generation that sees car seats as a luxury item you have to defend yourself A LOT. So once your child starts outgrowing his current seat (which is where we are now) why would you want to look for more trouble, especially if it is going to cost you real money?

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Play-Doh hacks and the chance to win

Play-Doh is a favourite in our house, it has been since before Aidan’s first birthday. Honestly he just seemed to know that it was for making things and not eating and we have been tripping over moulds , rollers and dried out projects ever since.

We recently received this amazing blog drop. Play-Doh Cake Party which lets little chefs  feel like pros with all the right tools. This is part of the Play-Doh Kitchen collection which also has the   Sizzlin’ Stovetop,  Magical Oven, Breakfast Bakery,Shape ‘N Slice,Burger Barbeque ,Noodle Makin’ Mania, Pizza Party ,  Lunchtime Creations,Cake Party,Frost ‘n Fun Cakes, Sweet Shoppe Chocolate Pops, Sweet Shoppe Colourful Cookie Creation and the Ice Cream Treats.  Which are all available through with prices ranging between R170 and R385.

But back to my Play-Doh tips and tricks (competition below)

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