Be Kind…starting with yourself (guest post)

I’m the first to say “be kind” just “be kind” but I’m not that good when it comes to being kind to myself… this sparked a conversation with a good friend about kindness, like charity ,starting at home.

From time to time I have friends over, not to my actual house, I’m not that sociable, but over here to my blog where they can share their wisdom with us and this “be kind to yourself damn it” message is as wise as they come…

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Metallic highlights on natural hair (instacolour giveaway)

I tried to answer a simple question using hair wax… can I get Metallic highlights on natural hair? I received silver and gold instacolour samples to try out and wondered how I could make it show up in my hair properly.

I did a review of instacolour  before and mentioned that my hair does not usually take to colour well. But I think I kind of rocked the metallic…. Here’s how

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A thank you to the coach, from an anxious mom

As an anxious mom I have found an ally in an unexpected place. In the time of #teachersareuseless (which I don’t believe for a second) and #menaretrash   I thought I would do a quick thank you to a male teacher who has helped us more than I think he realizes.

My son is an anxious little person. He is, knowing his parents quite well, I’m not all that surprised. Shame, they try hey, they try to never let their anxious nature come to the forefront when he is involved and have even enlisted the help of a therapist to help them not mess him up beyond repair. The anxious nature seems to have been inherited though, along with overly pouty lips and a penchant for big words.

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