Charnelle Paulse: Curvy girl fashion tips from a pro

A little while ago I got to ask Charnelle Paulse – one of the most recognisable faces on the SA modeling scene – for some fashion advice. She is a “plus-sized” model and since the only thing I can buy in medium these days is a Big Mac McMeal, I hoped she could give me some advice on how to dress for my shape, but I ended up getting so much more.

Since I have eyes and have glanced at magazines, store windows and my social media feed in the past year, I knew exactly who this gorgeous woman was. So I was rather excited to get the chance to ask her a few questions…I was expecting, “don’t wear this, wear that”, but instead, I got some”real talk” from a woman whose self-confidence shines through as strongly in an online interview as it does in a  bikini.

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You decided to dye your natural hair…now what?

Can you dye your natural hair? Will you even be considered a natural after that? will you get kicked off all the groups and stripped of your detangling brush and coconut oil?

In all seriousness, I don’t really know what constitutes being a natural, in my book it’s no chemicals , no heat. and since I’m more low chemicals, minimal heat, I see myself as a bos kop/a curly girl/pro natural.

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Why I’m attending the Vital Neonatal Conference

Will you be at the Vital Neonatal conference on the  2nd of December at The Protea Marine Hotel, in Summerstrand? (on the 1st if you are a medical professional?)

I’ve been told that the Baby and Me Parents Day is relevant to all parents of term and preterm babies, carers, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and parents of multiples, who will gain insight into caring for their children.

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What went down at the #ECMeetup

The #ECMeetup happened this weekend and I am suffering from some sort of event hangover thing. I always do (if I’m honest) When it comes to events the build up, then all the peopling, then the nothingness…Always catches me in the feels.

But before those feels…these feels!


The meetup was a huge success the setting was beautiful, the food was amazing, the people were the usual “friendly city” PE vibe and me, I’m so thankful!!!

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