33 notes to myself on my birthday…

Today is my 33rd birthday and it seems weird because quite frankly 33 is an adult age and I suck at adulting.
In fact, I posted the note below on  Instagram yesterday and a lot of you agreed with me, so at least I know it’s not just me.In all honesty, I don’t really know how I feel about my birthday, all the nice things people say is cool but other than that it is pretty MEH.

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Our Stampede cruise adventure with Experience Days

Recently I got the opportunity to choose an experience through Experience Days. I went for a waterfront cruise with Stampede Cruises and despite losing my phone in the ocean I highly recommend it.

The trip was booked through the Experience Days website at only R250 per person for about two hours and includes light snacks. There are other options like the oyster cruise and the nearby island cruise and even an option for custom cruises but myself, Rob and four friends, decided to go basic for our first trip with Stampede Cruises.

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I’m not making a natural hair statement…this is just my hair

Are you making a natural hair statement? or like me are you just “doing you” and are a little confused as to why people think that there is something behind your curls except some natural hair products.

This is a question for the Natis out there…Is it just me or are people too vested in your hair? Like do you also feel like you are constantly on a tightrope between people who can’t stand your look and those who are super behind you?

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Whip up a no sew fabric gift bag in minutes

Are you in the market for a fabric gift bag? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday this DIY is likely to come in pretty handy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon foot by not using traditional wrapping paper, or you just want to extra AF then follow these easy steps.

These bags can be made in any size, small ones like the ones I did are great for party favors. Medium ones could be loot bags and long fabric gift bags s are great for wine.

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