Curly countdown with Grace Kelley

Today we interview Kelley Felix / Grace Kelley  and artistic soul with an attitude that says, I’m here take it or leave it. Honestly before chatting to her I was a little intimidated, she lives the saying “If you don’t stand for anything you will fall for anything” and people with such strong convictions always make me a little weary. Not this girl though, there is a gentleness to her spirit that speaks volumes…and also HER HAIR SPEAKS VOLUMES. Fresh off a “big chop” here is Grace Kelley‘s Curly Countdown.

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Tips for taking pics of kids

I take pics of kids…Well these days I take pic of kid (Aidan) with some cameo appearances. In the past I used to take pics of kids a lot as you can see on My Photography Blog. After starting an Instagram account for Aidan I’ve been asked how I get such good pics of him – the question is usually from people who have met Aidan and know he runs a mile when he sees a camera…

So I thought I’d share my tips…

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Searching…Male role models

Let me just start by saying that the male role models in question are not of the human variety. This post is about cartoons and the like…

I believe in filling your life and your child’s life with positive role models, but I’m starting to feel like it’s slim pickings when it comes to the animated variety. I’m struggling to find animated boys that aren’t violent or reckless.

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Ruth Abercrombie’s curly countdown

The last time Ruth Abercrombie was on my blog things GOT REAL she spoke about being a young divorcee and all the emotions that go with that in a piece called :When white picket fences fall . But today we are being a little less serious. It’s Friday, It’s Froday and we are talking hair.

Ruth shaved her head about a year ago and never looked back…here is her curly countdown. PS. Ruth is an interviewer’s dream you ask her how she likes to style her hair and walk away knowing she loves succulents and that her preacher father used to be Rastafarian. For more on her check out her blog Ruth Abercrombie

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