Parenting myself … because I deserve better

parenting yoursel

I’ve decided that it’s time I become a better parent.

Time I take things more seriously and stop winging it. I’m not talking about Aidan. I’m actually doing pretty okay there *knock on wood and don’t quote me when he messes up*.

I’m wanting to parent myself, because turns out that although I can be trusted to look after a three-year-old, the 31- year-old isn’t doing so well.

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How to set up a basic craft box


Aidan and I love to craft, I know  I’ve done such an amazing job of keeping that little fact a secret, but it’s true.

I am extremely blessed to have my own little craft space and Aidan him is pretty lucky that I don’t lock him out completely.

He knows what is completely off limits (like fabric markers and blades) and what he can use…stamps and  off cuts of paper or felt.

I have had a lot of people ask me for advice on setting up a craft box for their kid and I thought I would share our basic 6…here goes

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Wanting another child for all the wrong reasons


only child
I am happy as a mom to an only child,  to avoid fights lets say “I’m keeping an open mind about future reproduction”.
I’ve had people who grew  up as an only child say they would never do that to their kids and I feel that everyone has a right to their opinion, so I do take that into consideration, but would like to note that blood doesn’t make for instant besties (my opinion – I have two siblings)
 I have heard all the arguments by now. How I’m selfish and he is likely to grow up to be a lonely spoilt brat (ignore the fact that I/and probably you, know people with siblings who fit that description perfectly).
Sometimes the arguments are so loud and repetitive you start doubting yourself. You forget your emotional and medical reasons and you think (So what if you landed up in ICU with both births, this is for the greater good)… maybe I should just shut people up and have more kids…
That is a silly reason to fall pregnant… here are more reasons I don’t think are very smart:

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