Can your kid’s art earn them big bucks?

The answer is yes, your kid’s art can earn you, I mean them, big bucks (Their share of R18000 real life monies) and major major bragging rights. (but we are evolved adults and don’t brag about our children – do check out my cute kid on his instagram page)

For the third year in a row Tavcor VW invites all Primary and High School learners in Nelson Mandela Bay to get creative and possibly win money for their school and themselves.

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‘The Little Generosity Shop’ by Cadbury and other ways to teach your child about charity

When I heard that “The Little Generosity Shop” would be visiting Port Elizabeth (as part of their seven-stop “tour”) I knew I just had to share the initiative with my fellow Nelson Mandela Bayers (that’s not a thing, but let’s pretend, shall we). Because from what I’ve seen we have big hearts around these parts and are super willing to give.

So what is “The Little Generosity shop”? Well it’s Cadbury’s way of shedding light on the plight of South Africa’s orphaned children. ‘The Little Generosity Shop’ gives us the chance to make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible by collecting toys, books and games – in exchange for a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. (Because the car you just stumped your toe on could make a little child’s year)

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I almost killed us and I’m not over it

First things first, we (myself, Caleb and Aidan) were in a road accident and apart from a sore arm and stiff neck(mine) we are fine… If the question is “why so dramatic Eleanor” then the answer is 1.genetics must be new here.

It’s been three days since I went flying over a traffic circle with the two people closest to my heart silently staring at me as I tried to regain control over the car and apparently messing up my left arm in the process… It’s been three days where instead of feeling relieved that we are okay,  I’m just a bit of a mess.

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The Locally Yours Market ECMeetup connection

With ECMeetup still pretty much in the air – I’m typing while snacking on goodie bag items – I thought I’d tell you guys about a special collab we did with Locally Yours Market this time around.

For those who don’t know Locally Yours Market, it’s a monthly market that is run in PE where all products have to be locally made or sourced, giving entrepreneurs a fighting chance against cheap imports…so what does that have to do with blogging?

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How Arendsvlei’s Melissa de Vries keeps her curls popping

Earlier this week I chatted to Melissa de Vries – yes the dance teacher on Arendsvlei on KykNet. We got all serious about how she deals with self-doubt and how she stays grounded while spending so much of her life on stage or infront of a camera.

But as most “curly girls” know, it’s super difficult to speak to a “member of the tribe” who seems to have winter proof hair without throwing in a…. Uhm so what’s your routine… And luckily for you I was forward enough to ask the question you all want to know an answer to.

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