How smart is your washing machine? (LG Smart Inverter review)

LG sent me a washing machine because my prayers for a new fridge must have been auto corrected (hehehe, joking, not joking). But in all honesty, when they asked me if I wanted to review the new Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter two things went through my mind.

1. MAMMA I MADE IT!!! LG knows who I am

2. How does one even test out a washing machine?

The machine arrived and it is stunning! good thing it’s stunning since my 15kg machine takes up most of the space in my kitchen…so as the newly elected centerpiece of the room I’m glad that I opted for the silver machine with its beautiful display and glass lid. It’s pretty streamlined, I just have a small kitchen and it’s replacing a tiny “three pairs of pants at a time” machine so the size difference is noticeable.

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How cancer changed the hair game (Roots series)

Today I start a new hair series on my blog. The curly countdown was fun BUT I wanted to know what going natural meant to people…Erykah Badu says “I’m not my hair” be that as it ma (I’m actually less stubborn than mine) it plays into how people perceive you, like it or not. So I’m starting the series with the newest nati in our family. My cousin Nicole who as long as I can remember had her hair “taken care of” by stylists and looking sleek and fabulous…but things done changed

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How to get the most out of SA public holidays

As someone with a flexible work schedule, you would think I wouldn’t care about SA public holidays. “Aren’t your holidays when you make them Eleanor?”
NO! and I haven’t had a real break since mid 2016 so don’t test me. I want to be googling return flights to Cape Town with the intention of hopping onto a plane and not just helping my technophobe aunt book a flight. But for that to happen I need some careful planning.

I also need money, but first things first, how can I organise my life and my husbands in a way that we are actually off at the same time and that he, as a government employee who actually gets SA public holidays off, can make the most of his leave days…For that I have collaborated with Travelstart to share some not so secret secrets.

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{Win} Mom and daughter see if the Vertex mop is worth the hype

When Vertex sent me a mop to test out I was a little nervous , honestly what could I say about a mop? The vertex website makes claims about this mop being amazing and as a bonofide “liker of things” I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. It didn’t hurt that  they were offering one of these fancy mops to one of my readers (competition below). So I called in my mom and we checked if this dry mop/wet mop/broom/window cleaner was all it was cracked up to be.


Disclaimer: I got my mom involved as she has been a home maker for thirty years now, she is very precise about how things should look  and I thought she would be a nice contrast to me who just wants minimal effort so I can move on with the other billions things going on in my head.

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“Whataboutism” and why it makes me want to smack people

I’m so over this whataboutism nonsense!!! Although this blog is classed as “family lifestyle” I do tend to talk about world issues quite frequently. I figure it still counts as “family lifestyle” because as a detective and a journalist and just members of society, current affairs come up in conversations in our house a lot, so allow me to have a conversation about whataboutism

What is it? Whataboutism (also known as whataboutery) is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument, which is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda.

Trump uses it  a lot , but since I’m not a political expert here is a LINK  to a reliable news source regarding Trump and this.  However, the whataboutism that’s annoying me is closer to home.

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How to know if you need a trim

I might need a trim, but actually, I don’t want one. I want long curls man, and fellow curly girls know that you need to grow your hair Rapunzel style to get a decent bob (DAMN YOU SHRINKAGE). But I am starting to think the curls need a trim…
Based on the fact that I do not want a cut right now unless absolutely necessary, I chatted to Michelle at Stylish Steppers and asked:

How exactly do I know if I need a trim?

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