Cleaning tips for the work from home mom (SoPure)

I have a few cleaning tips for those women who have to somehow shoehorn housekeeping into their homebased work day. I realise that stay at home moms work really hard aswell, infact, I did a post about housewives like my mom, not too long ago, but this one is aimed at the small business owner or remote working moms. Those whose offices are a little too close to the unfolded laundry.

While everyone in my age group seems to be inspired by Marie Kondo and have gone into super organised mode, I’m barely keeping my head above water. I worked through the holiday period and the person who usually helps with cleaning has resigned, so I’ve had to learn to be a little more domestic.

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Flat twist out for the braiding impaired

My hair length (that awkward growing out stage) has me looking at different styling options…mainly because it has been too hot to simply hide the hot mess under a head wrap.

When I first transitioned (which feels like forever ago) I had long hair that needed coaxing before it would curl, I often did the flat twist out back then, not since the first big chop. But now, with my hair style grown out and looking like a weird 80’s reject, business in the front, party at the back and a tragedy all over…I thought I would give it another go.

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