Five looks with minimal effort (with Label Collections)

Can I style five looks with one dress and my shortest hair ever?

That’s what I asked myself recently. Well I didn’t ask myself about the hair because when I chatted to Label Collections about the challenge I didn’t even know that I would be sitting here with practically a TWA (teeny weeny afro). I did know however that I missed fashion  posts and love challenges so I wanted to try it out.

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Top Evita Bezuidenhout quotes (win tickets to Pieter’s life story)

One of the most famous “ladies in politics” , Evita Bezuidenhout, is in town and you get to meet the man behind the legend. Pieter Dirk Uys (the theatre icon) is ready to share his life story and you can win tickets to this – sure to be side splitting – event.

Comrade Bezuidenhout and the two new toxic cactii discovered recently: the amakaktus zumaphobia and the cactus trumfescemia. picture by Stefan Hurter

Uys is bringing two of his solo shows to Port Elizabeth this week, starting with Evita Bezuidenhout and the Kaktus of Separate Development from Thursday February 22 to 24, followed by Echo of a Noise from Monday February 26 to 28.

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Trusting your stylist (dramatic new look reveal)

I’ve gone through many stylists over the years (many a traumatic story).  I mean how else is someone with no upper body strength and enough hair for three people going to deal? But never has “trusting my stylist” been as important as right about now.

I got it into my head to do a big chop and start afresh… Because my hair is looking like an outward representation of my emotional being right now which is bleugh, I feel bleugh, I look bleugh.

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Never too young to care…Hich South Africa

Aidan received a shirt from Hich South Africa recently and he went straight for the one that said “be kind to animals” I lie, he wanted the one that said “my brother is a pitbull” but since we don’t have dogs, that didn’t make sense, and his reason of “people think Caleb is my brother and now they’ll think he is a pitbull didn’t sit well with me…so instead we went with something that fits (pun intended) my little vegetarian eco warrior to a T. ( I think T stands for t-shirt so that’s a double pun straight out the gate, sorry)

Hich is (#sharethebay) local and I LOVE the premise behind the business. They manufacture t-shirts for kids to show they care about animals and go a step further by donating a chunk of the proceeds to animal-focused charities.

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Body positive – My sister asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said no

Laura from Harrassed Mom   asked me to be part of her body positive campaign and initially I was reluctant because, if I’m honest with myself,  I am not all that body positive . But it did remind me of how I let my lack of self confidence rob me of a special moment.

I recently, as in last month, turned down the opportunity to be my sisters bridesmaid. There is no weirdness between us we annoy and love each others as siblings do. She’s my little sister, I’ve known her since I was just about to turn nine  and my mom insisted on bringing a third child into the home.

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