A DIY halo braid, you can reuse

So I’m typing this while wearing the halo braid in question, but the look itself is completely by accident. My Beauty blogger friend, Miriam Malauna has been inspiring me to try new things with my hair and with my new hair length I need all the inspiration I can get. I saw her do a halo braid on her Instagram and wanted to try it out, unfortunately my hair length and my hair styling skills were not up to it…

Instead I came up with this afro and messy braid look, with a halo braid hair head band you can use and reuse, a hair band that cost me less than R10 by the way…

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Crazy things “Big school” has me thinking

Aidan is going to Big school and I’m likely to go to the Big house, wait big house is prison right, I’m off to a place of padded cells more likely. See Aidan starts Grade R next year with a Number 2 haircut and a uniform and the thought is making me have thoughts.

I told you guys how Spas make me think weird things right, well turns out “Big School” info booklets have much the same effect.

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6 reasons you want a Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic

#TeamMeyers embarked on a Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic this past weekend and I’m back with my opinion…I’m full of opinions, actually, just as a general rule… Firstly yes we took our son on what is usually considered a romantic getaway, but work keeps us away from him so weekends we try to include him on our outings and he actually had such fun. ( I later learned that kids often come along when people use the picnic as a special “small party”)

So what did we think of the Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic? – which is available on the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass, btw

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Top three active day out options with preschoolers

Firstly! Kudos on clicking through despite the words “active day out”. Our family has been using the Nelson Mandela Bay passes to bond, get out more and get less screen time and so far so good…

We have been having a lot of fun with more things lined up…but I simply had to stop half way and share our active day out options… You know the options where your kids aren’t the only ones in need of an afternoon nap….

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