Party in a box…DIY party for the DIY impaired

I got a Monkey Magic party in a box for my Aidan’s party and although it is a little like going against the glitter and glue in my veins to not DIY everything myself, it just felt like the best option.

Even with my love of all thing DIY,  the lack of time  has gotten the better of me lately, I just don’t have the time to do ANYTHING. Guys, I have been brushing my teeth in the shower to shave 5min off my morning routine. So when I found out about Tanya Bekker from Monkey Magic Functions’ Party in a Box option I jumped at the chance to work with her for Aidan’s party. Because this way I could still be hands on with regards to theme and where I want everything BUT I don’t have to physically cut and paste everything myself. I’m still making things like crayon thank you gifts though.

A party in a box for twenty kids would get you:

Themed Décor: that is two themed or plain table cover, a happy birthday banner, a flag banner, two polystyrene figurines.  You also get  20 themed party packs (which you fill yourself) bottle labels for cool drink or water. You also get personalised digital invitations, cups, plates, serviettes, a balloon for each kid. Then you get a supershape foil balloon and two 18 inch foil balloons which you fill with helium.

The quote is customisable so if you don’t need the invitations or the balloons or whatever she can adjust to suite your needs.

All this will arrive at your place and you can go ahead and host a party all professional like, and you can say, oh I pulled it all together myself and it won’t be a lie.

According to Tanya the most popular choices for girls are still Frozen and Sofia the First. While boys go for anything superhero and Cars related.

If the box idea is still too DIY for your liking Tanya and her team will come do it for you themselves.

Tanya has been running the PE franchise of Monkey Magic for as long as I have a  mom. An Accountant by trade she decided four years ago to go into business for herself. This is when she traded spreadsheets for streamers and bought a Monkey Magic Franchise.

Tanya doesn’t have kids of her own but really loves working with them, that paired with a love of  birthday parties which she shares with her mom, a kids party planning business seemed like the natural step to take.

“My favourite part of this job is making kids happy.  Seeing the excited little faces when they realise it’s their party and then the hugs we get from the mommies afterwards when their kids absolutely loved and enjoyed their day”


You can get hold of Tanya on Facebook and Instagram

As a special treat for JustEllaBella readers you can get R100 off your party if you book in April (Aidan’s birthday month) and tell her I sent you, serious no jokes 🙂  Quote the word JUSTELLABELLA when you contact her and you get a nice lil discount.

She can be contacted on

– Office: 041 360 2453 / 072 380 0507 or /

Give your kid’s crayons a second life (DIY)

I made 100 crayon hearts? Is there a reason for this? Well actually I don’t ever need a reason to DIY or recycle BUT yes there is a reason…Aidan’s birthday party


It’s Aidan’s birthday  soon so you can expect a bunch of pre-birthday posts. He has had a few birthday fails  in his life; Like when the cake fell over on his first birthday , the party venue forgot about him on his second and he got sick on his  third so this year I teamed up with some awesome industry professionals to give him a proper party … holding all kinds of thumbs on this one…but first things first here is how I made his thank you gifts …it is super easy and practically free.

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What does pretty mean? (my accidental parenting win)

What is pretty? I found myself asking my soon to be four year old this last night and the answer really surprised me.


If you follow me on social media (FB, Insta, Twitter) you would know that Aidan is quite, how shall we say; verbal. From the first time he started speaking properly  he has said the most interesting things even getting me in to trouble.   So yesterday’s conversation was not uncommon for us.

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The adult brats epidemic…don’t be a statistic

I had this idea about writing how teachers are the most undervalued in society how parents can be so demanding and plain out ridiculous. Then I thought actually cops have to deal with a lot of ungratefulness too, oh and cashiers, oh and the media, flip “the media” is to blame for everything.

Then there are waiters and municipal employees and the list got so long I had to tear it up and start a new list…A list with one thing on…what is making society so annoying?…bratty people that’s it.

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Kimberly Grace Professional…The Good, The Bad and the Meh

I was super excited to be included in the Kimberly Grace Professional Product research group. They sent a bunch of South African women products and asked us to be honest – You guys know I’m big on honesty when it comes to reviews because I don’t like to waste my money or my time, and I don’t want you to either…. I got a bunch of products and here is what I thought of them individually…

Kimberly Grace

DISCLAIMER. What worked for me might not work for you and also the other way around, this is based on my hair here on my head.

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