4 Ways I’ve Completely Changed My Life

Look who is back after a ridiculously long break, it’s me!

So I have not blogged in forever, because “Who even blogs anymore” and also all my social media accounts were hacked so I was really put off the whole scene.

However, I realized a surprising amount of people come through here daily. Which is rather flattering (I need some validation – sue me). But also I really just miss randomly putting my thoughts down so, I’m back – I mean I pay for this space on the net I might as well use it. Also, although I write for a living sometimes I want to have no real rules and just share my thoughts with the internet.

So in celebration of me attempting to blog at least once a week again…

Here are 4 Ways I’ve Completely Changed My Life

I changed jobs. Okay I’m going to be honest I had to check on my last check-in which was in 2022 Back then I worked for a mobile journalism company that helps people get their stories out for the world to see. My primary job was to make sure those stories are factually accurate and easy to understand.¬†However the way they operate changed and I didn’t feel like I fit in with where they were going so I resigned (like a trust fund baby, minus the trust fund) and started my own business. Kismet Media. It’s registered and everything! I do freelance copywriting and subediting along with writing press releases and picking up overflow work from PR companies.

I started a digital magazine. Seriously! No jokes! I am the managing editor of a digital magazine called 041online. This is a community-based digital magazine for Nelson Mandela Bay – where I live. We aim to be a brag book of sorts showcasing everything the Bay has to offer from iconic places to visit, not to miss events, inspirational people and everything in between. It is actually my life’s dream and I get to work with amazing people

I wrote two books! So I’ve been saying I was going to write a book since before I could write my name. Then in 2019 I promised myself I would finally do it. Then I totally did not. BUT with the help of a dear friend I am now a two time author. Faziela and I wrote our first book together in 2022. Writing it in email style with her voicing one character and me the other. BOUND BY FIRE was really well received and people wanted to know what was going to happen to our main characters now. So enter BETWEEN EMBERS. The conclusion on the story. It has been a heck of a ride and I’m super proud.

I’m studying again. It’s tough out here friends! Competition for writers and media companies is stiff so I decided to upskill myself. I am currently doing my TEFL because I like working from home and figure if I can teach English/Writing from home that would be so cool. I’m also doing another digital marketing qualification. I am certified in Digital marketing but this is a ever changing field and I don’t even think TikTok was that massive when I first qualified. So I’m a student again.

So that’s it for me, here’s hoping it’s not another see you in two years kinda update – oh and if you wondered about my health. It’s under control. The kind of control that sees me visiting a specialist every two months. Taking eight tablets a day and going for either blood transfusions or iron infusion a minimum of three times a year. I spend a crap load on medical bills but I’m still here, still kicking.

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