What went down at the #ECMeetup

The #ECMeetup happened this weekend and I am suffering from some sort of event hangover thing. I always do (if I’m honest) When it comes to events the build up, then all the peopling, then the nothingness…Always catches me in the feels. But before those feels…these feels! The meetup was a huge success the setting […]

What’s in the bag? #ECMeetup

As it is with most events the goodibag is a huge talking point? What’s in the #ECMeetup goodibag? What’s in the bag? It is a highlight for Luchae and I as we get to play Santa…So today I thought I would let you in on who our “little helpers were”

#ECMeetup gets a photography lesson

The #ECMeetup  bloggers spoke and we listened… We ran a survey asking what you want to hear about and the two topics that came out tops were Branding and Photography, for branding we have the Amazing Mandy Lee Miller of Tums2Tots, Pregnant in Cape Town and #CarSeatFullStop fame. She is an industry expert, on the topic of social media […]

So who attended the #ECMeetup

This weekend we hosted the second annual #ecmeetup… I had a blast , which is saying something because mass gatherings usually make me feel a little (a lottle ) nervous. The highlight for me was all the awesome guests so I decided to share their deets with you… how cool am I …. Here goes: