Kid & wallet friendly places in Nelson Mandela Bay

I’m a Nelson Mandela Bay girl…my heart is in Uitenhage and  Port Elizabeth and I make no secret of it. Yes I’ll fly somewhere else (I get car sick, it’s not pretty) but ultimately here is where I like to hang out. I especially like wallet friendly places If you are planning on visiting our […]

Day 5 (6 places I want to go)

      I  don’t really have a list of must visit places, but I’ll try….. 1.  Jamaica, I’ve always wanted to go there, no clue why really … I usually braid my hair for travelling because it’s sooo much easier to handle, I don’t have to worry about as much as a brush, but don’t […]

Tabu Bar and Lounge in my opinion

We tried out Tabu Bar and Lounge at the Radisson Blu and found that fine dining with a view is totally possible without having to take out a loan. The first time I saw Tabu Bar , I was a newly appointed reporter covering a photo shoot. The beautiful interior and amazing view made me think…One […]

Grey Magic…my first attempt at a book a month.

Grey magic is done and dusted! No I didn’t join a coven (not since that awkward phase in High school anyway). I just finished the latest offering by JT Lawrence (a signed copy nogal, just so you know I’m like cool and stuff). It took me forever! Since my life became pretty much controlled by […]

Alternative gifting ideas

Gifting is a big part of Christmas, regardless of your views on the holiday, you know gifts form part of the whole thing. But let’s face it the current economic situation (well mine anyway) makes the Oprah style of giving “you’re all getting one” a little difficult. But you still want to share some cheer, […]

Our new favourite Uitenhage eatery

This past Saturday Rob and I were looking for a place to eat before tackling errands. I vaguely remembered seeing a board to The Caledon Farm Kitchen so suggested it… Now firstly you should know I was a little reluctant to do a post about this eatery because I didn’t want to share my new find […]