Kid & wallet friendly places in Nelson Mandela Bay

I’m a Nelson Mandela Bay girl…my heart is in Uitenhage and  Port Elizabeth and I make no secret of it. Yes I’ll fly somewhere else (I get car sick, it’s not pretty) but ultimately here is where I like to hang out. I especially like wallet friendly places If you are planning on visiting our […]

Day 5 (6 places I want to go)

      I  don’t really have a list of must visit places, but I’ll try….. 1.  Jamaica, I’ve always wanted to go there, no clue why really … I usually braid my hair for travelling because it’s sooo much easier to handle, I don’t have to worry about as much as a brush, but don’t […]

So you want to take your child to the color run

It’s Color Run time again!!! We have gone every year since it started in Port Elizabeth in 2013, well technically I was sick last year, but my boys still went and this year is no different. (more color run fun) Since Aidan and the color run both started in the city the same year, I […]