A color run weekend

Aidan is really dedicated to his role as a male sleeping beauty I always teased that he could sleep anywhere but now watching him do it, with people running around, with color and glitter flying everywhere and music blasting …. I have no words.

He had fun though, I just think the wait for our wave was a little long for him, so next time we will be closer to the front. Once he woke up he really did get into it and I’m glad I took precautions  regarding doing a color run with a toddler.

He was in his stroller most of the time,  he wore sunglasses to protect his eyes and I got him to cover his mouth with a snood when we went through the color zones (spelling colour like this hurts my head) – This was an awesome idea it turns out as I saw a couple of mom’s having to clean faces and eyes and dealing with “it’s in my mouth mommy”

Will definitely do it again next year, I think he might have been a little overwhelmed (shame he is but 25 months old) he kept saying, look mommy funny hats, look funny clothes and so on and for the rest of the time he just watched the goings on, a little stunned, he told me later , lots of colours mommy, red and blue colours colours, so I know it was great for him.

It was even better for my niece Kirsten (4) who LOVES purple, as in LOVES! At the purple station she nearly lost her mind, rolling around and covering herself in colour, she reminded me of the scene in Despicable Me where the little one says

Anyway for those who don’t follow me on INSTAGRAM , FACEBOOK or TWITTER  these crazy dirty pictures would be new, for those who do, I did include some new ones 🙂

The wait at the start was a little long for him
At the start, look at us all clean and stuff

Years in the purple dessert did not get our travelers down
The glamorous after shot, hahahaha, sexy sexy 
Barney rejects
The starting line
 He drinks his juice like people are not throwing coloured cornstarch all over us
But hey if you can sleep through it you can drink through it
Not sleeping just camera shy
Cleaner days…How retro is my little man
Like a BOSS hehehe (they throw colours at me I just adjust my glasses,like it ain’t no thing
My cousin’s Kay-lynn and Caz-lynn auditioning as smurfs
Kirsten LOVES purple, “look at all the purple,so much purple”, she says
My aunt Mercia just came as a spectator, but her daughters, the lynn’s, decided she needed to be colourfull
they look like extras in Annie….It’s a hard knock life…
These curly haired children are in need of some spit and polish, hehehe
My aunt is the only one who looks like a person here! attack of the technicolour zombies!!!!

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