A step into Chev’s life

It’s that time of the week again, when I step back, become a little less self involved and chat to people who inspire me 🙂

Today I feature blogger Chevone Petersen, who has my mother’s maiden name and lives in Cape Town where my mom grew up, but is not related to me (I don’t think-that curly hair is suspect though, hehe) 
The first time I read her blog Chevs Life I decided it wasn’t for me, she was making me feel to bad, I mean she’s a single working mom to a hearing impaired child and founded Decibles of love, a project reaching out to parents raising hearing impaired children oh AND she surfs. I’m not about having myself feel inadequate, hehe. BUT she is so relate-able and funny and knowledgeable that you can’t help but get drawn in…here is what she has to say

-Tell us a little about your family…
My family constantly challenge my sanity! Think it may be because we are such a small family! I’m a single parent of a 7 year old, I have one brother and both my parents live with us.

-What do you do when not blogging?

I don’t blog often. I work full time and try to learn to surf in between work. I spend a lot of time with my son and do some volunteer work in between.

I tend to write most of my post on my phone’s notepad on a Saturday morning or while waiting for a train/sitting on the beach.

-What made you decide to blog?

I enjoy writing. After creating a web page last year a dear friend of mine encouraged me to blog and, well like they say, the rest is history!

-What was your concept behind the blog?

It’s my space, my thoughts, my experiences. I don’t get to spend much time with friends and blogging is my way of communicating with the world and putting my thoughts out there.

Some of my blogs are about experiences and feelings that I don’t ever want to forget, especially the ones about my son.

– Where does blog name come from?

Uhm, me, ChevsLife – me sharing bits and pieces of who I am and what my life is about. Pretty boring at times lol!

-Did you find yourself nervous at prospect of letting people into your life in this way?

Nope, I’m in control of what I want to share.

-Do you ever worry that your child will be like “mom why are you exposing my life?” 
I read all my blog posts to my son, anything that he’s not okay with I don’t publish/delete. The only posts that I’ve not read to him is Mid-Week Meltdown, Hearing Loss Rollercoaster and Parenting is a Breeze, Right. I’ll read these to him when he is a bit older, before he can access it on his own.  He knows why I blog and sometimes he gets bored with listening to me reading blog posts to him, other times he ask questions. It is a wonderful way to expose him to language, life and some of my thoughts.

-Does your family read your blog?
My parents have read some of my blog posts, but they not really online people. Sometimes I’ll read a blog to them, especially if it is about them and usually before I publish. My brother’s read some of my blogs, but again, not an online person. He read the Ugly Face of Drug Addiction before I published it as well.

-What do you hope to achieve through the blog?

A platform where I hope others can relate and say “I’m not alone”, “anything is possible”, a blog that allows people to look beyond what they see…

-What do you think makes for a “good blog”

Authenticity and the ability to convey a story that draws the reader back for more.

-How do you personally measure success in the blogging world

I don’t. I blog because I love to write and need to share some of what is going on in my head before it explodes 😀 (AGREED)

2 thoughts on “A step into Chev’s life

  1. chevslife.com says:

    Eleanor! Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog AND for your kind words! I'm really just an everyday person,someone you'll see sitting on the train in a world of her own lol. You absolutely MUST send me info about your mom; for all you know we could be related! Just look at our curls… 😀

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