Affordable products you should try (vol 3)

Hi guys…that sounds odd…I never know how to start these things…

Any who

I got some great feed back after doing my bargain finds post HERE and HERE and decided that it was about time to do another frugal roundup… So here goes ๐Ÿ™‚

PnP brand drinking yogurt sachets (around R3)

These are great, I love to keep a couple in the fridge so Mr “do it self” can make his own after school snack. Who am I kidding this child is not a good eater so this and a handful of otees have made a meal. They come in fun fruity flavours and the packaging features cartoon characters. Although I’m sure there are healthier alternatives, I’m quite a fan. (Aidan and I have been known to each grab one on our way to run errands)



Essence “the gel” nail polish (R28)

I picked this up at Clicks the other day because my nails have been looking questionable. I think the constant use of gel at nail salons has taken it’s toll on my nails (that and my anemia) I wanted something quick and didn’t even realise that I was supposed to buy the base and top coat too…Even so it’s a great nail polish with a really nice brush, it’s thick without being gloopy and I’m def a new fan.


Squeaky clean waterless hand foam from Woolworths (R17)

I love this stuff! it’s great for giving your hands and your kid’s hands a quick clean when you are out to eat or have made a mess in the car (I’m always doing that! so annoying) It’s easy to use, comes out as a quick disappearing foam and last forever because usually you just wash your hands with water (well I do) so this is just a back up. It’s not overly sticky and there is way less chance of spillage with this one because you have to push down the nozzle and not – lets just say – ย sit on it, for it to go everywhere.

Blackcurrant flavoured wine gums (R8)

You know how the blackcurrant wine gums are the absolute best?! You know! don’t even act! they are the best! Well now I don’t have to settle for the measly three in a pack because Maynards loves me (self important much) and have brought out these single flavour packs! cutting down on sugar just got a whole lot harder.

Spur’s do it yourself Sundae for kids (R20+)

This is one of my favourites! you know how everything in the world now costs twice as much as it did last week and we are all walking around like grandmothers muttering “back in my day bread didn’t cost nearly this much” well kids don’t get that. They still want the occasional treat so in comes this beauty. You can go down to your local Spur and treat your child to a DIY Sundae!

Well that’s me bargain hunting for today! please comment below if you have a bargain buy I need to try out. I’m going to attempt to do this monthly so please point me in the right direction ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good one all…

3 thoughts on “Affordable products you should try (vol 3)

  1. cat says:

    Love the Essence polish – and at a great price. And the Spur Sundaes – am so going to look for those yogurts – they will make great school snacks

  2. Jozi Wahm says:

    I will be looking out for the little yoghurt sachets- sounds like a great lunchbox filler.

    Panarotti's (same group as Spur) have a DIY chocolate pizza with the same red tray and same toppings as the sundae for a similar price.

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