Airfryer roasted squash seeds are a thing

So I made airfryer roasted squash seeds because it falls nicely within the venn diagram of my obsession with my airfryer, my attempt at throwing away less food and my curiosity.

I was cooking gem squash and thought about how I buy and eat roasted pumpkin seeds, but was about to throw these seeds in the compost… Enter this recipe.

Let’s make some airfryer roasted squash seeds because we are boujee like that:

What you need

– squash/pumpkin seeds (you could do a mix, we eat butternut and gem squash the most often so this recipe is based on gems)

– vegetable oil for coating

– salt and pepper (I’m planning on trying some other combos but I’m very happy with this)

What you do

– Wash the seeds in a colander, it takes a bit of time but is not too difficult to do

– Dry on a kitchen towel

– Toss in oil, salt and pepper

– Put in airfryer and roast for 5 min toss and roast further for 2-5min

(Dont be shocked… It seems to start flying around when it’s cooked, I guess it’s lighter now because of evaporation.)

* the airfryer roasted squash seeds are the business, so good as a snack or in salads… Tag me if you try it

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