Beach/pool tips and a chance to win (Spurt)

Want to win some kids swimming accessories from Spurt? As I settle in to a new work year with decreased beach time I thought I would pay it forward and give you guys some beach/pool tips and the chance to win a swim hamper for your kid…

The guys over at Spurt  were super generous in giving Aidan and Caleb each a printed swimming cap(around R50), nose clip (around R50) and goggles (around R240). They then upped the ante and are giving a set to one lucky blog reader… but first more about the brand and some beach/pool hacks for the summer season

So why should you care about Spurt? Well they are actual the leading suppliers of swimming apparel in South Africa. The brand is loved for its innovative patterns and colours and comfortable fit.  With an extensive range of accessories and swimming aids for beginners and athletes. The boys love their sets,the swimming caps especially –  honestly it’s probably because of the prints (Aidan’s is a shark, Caleb’s is a whale) – and they have insisted on wearing it in the bath a couple of times. The swimming caps and goggles are a nice fit and help with the “mommy come wipe my eyes” situation I have been facing. 

Before I give you the chance to win, here are some tips for the other water side situations we face

  • Stick your phone into a zip lock bag  to  protect it from spills and splashes when you are by the side of the pool. You can buy proper covers for this but at a push this is a great alternative.
  •  Saturate a sponge and freeze it in a zip lock bag. U keep your drinks cold without messy water and ice. U could also use water balloons, freeze them and use them as “ice packs”
  • Keep your Aftersun spray in the fridge for extra cooling at the end of the day
  • Baby powder helps get sand off you to, great tip for little ones
  • A pop up mesh laundry basket is a great way to cart your things from the beach the mesh means you  can get rid of sand with a few shakes and the pop up effect means it takes up very little space before and after use
  • Freeze a Capri sun (juice sachet) for a few hours and you have a refreshing slushy come snack time
  • Use a cupcake holder to keep drips from Popsicle making a mess
  • Fold a piece of your towel up and sew to form little pockets to keep your essentials organised
  • Make an emergency bag
  • Be kind to your hair  

Now to win, follow Spurt on social media, each follow equals and entry and follow me on FACEBOOK if you want to be kept in the loop with more competitions

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