How a beginner does finger coils

So this winter I’ve decided to try out the finger coils thing. It means less maintenance and daily manipulation and I don’t need to wet it…whoop whoop. Seriously it lasts a week and then some and I am not mad at that.

finger coil

I am no expert, but I have been asked how I do it and I’m glad to share my specific technique.

Firstly lol… expert!?!? hahaha, love how I tell you guys I’m no expert like that was ever a misconception. But I have to say that I believe thisworks so easily for me because my hair is naturally very curly, like it springs up without any prompting. So if you have pin straigth hair, I can’t garantee results. However if you think our hair is similiar or you are curious about the finger coils thing, try it out, it literally could not hur.

Any way…

Products I use:

1. Tresemme Botanique shampoo

2. Tresemme Botanique conditioner

3. Moroccan hair oil

4. L’OrĂ©al oil-in-balm


product free – just washed

1. Wash hair

2. Detangle with conditioner

3. Two pumps of oil on wet hair

4. Make a path in your hair

5. Put on oil in balm and brush a small section and then twist the section around your finger to form a coil.

6. Continue until your whole head is done and leave to dry completely…

It takes me an hour from start to finish and lasts pretty long…I’m talking a full week here

Have you tried finger coils? Do you have special tips and tricks

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