Brothers from sister mothers

I have one live child, a singleton, you can read my views on his oneliness (not to be confused with loneliness) HERE

If I have one child why then is everything I do and buy in twos? Why do I spend every night wrangling a two year old while an almost one year old tries to pull down everything within reach?

 Well here is why… my sister and I seem to have ended up in some sort of time share parenting rotation. 

Our boys love each other so much that separating them can be near impossible! 
My sister and Aidan’s sorta-sibling live next door so after school my grade R teacher sister watches them till I come from work and “clock in”. (Giving her time to maybe eat something or take a shower-you know self indulgent things -hehe )

 They want to do everything together and with the age gap it’s not always convenient (my poor heart) Think a 11 month old trying to follow a toddler down the stairs or an almost 3 year old trying to get into his old walking ring so they can race.

Caleb is a full on busy body…worse than Aidan ever was, he stops his rapid darting from room to room just long enough to dance to anything that resembles music or to beat something like a drum. He has a bit of a temper but it’s obvious that it has to do with him not being able to communicate effectively yet. So it’s a lot of pointing and screaming…Don’t worry Aidan insists that he is “learning him” to talk.

Aidan is turning out to be a smart mouth, picture a toddler version of Eric from That 70s show. He is full of snark and eye rolling and words that a two year old doesn’t quite need. He loves words though and will always ask me the meaning of words he finds interesting and also tell me which ones he can live without, like strawberry and beautiful (don’t ask). He loves making things (wonder where he gets that from) and will ask you to get out his crafts so he can make a “someing” for so and so.

 These days… 
-Aidan uses Caleb to eat food he doesn’t want (you know, all non yogurt/cereal/toast meals)
 -Caleb randomly hits Aidan out of frustration because “he doesn’t have words yet”
 -They mess up any room in mere seconds 
– They fight about everything!
 -Everything needs to be purchased in twos
– They already love each other so fiercely that life is full of awwww moments see below 

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