An all natural Bubiroo treat for you (win win win)

Bubiroo is the latest in skincare for kids and it’s made right here in the Bay. We were very lucky that the person behind the brand, Dorae, decided to use the #ECMeetup as her brand’s first public appearance and introduce us to her ever growing product range. It was quite the hit and even those with no use for “baby products” loved it, as it’s been decided that the baby wax is great for lips and the baby shampoo makes an awesome makeup remover. Today I am giving away my favourite product in the range. THE HEALING BALM

We have been using the healing balm  as a family for the last couple of days and LOVE IT. Rob uses it as an after shaving balm, I use it on Aidan’s scrapes and scratches and have even used it on the extremely dry patches of skin between my eyes (I don’t know how this is a thing). It is a great all rounder like a petroleum jelly with actual healing properties. Fancy people Vaseline , hehehe

First things first where does the brand come from?  Well Dorae  has been a  Naturopath and Homeopath for 10+ years but before that, the over achiever completed a degree in law. She then moved to the UK where she spent many years working in the legal and corporate field.

“I’ve always loved nature, animals and all things natural. Eventually I ‘went back to school’ and qualified as a Naturopath and Homeopath in London. Since then my main focus has been on Natural Medicine and art,” she said

“While practicing as a Naturopath and Homeopath I found myself drawn to treating babies and mamas-to-be. Sharing in their journeys towards health and well-being was always a privilege and taught me so much.”

Dorae dreamt of creating a natural baby range. “But who was I to do that if I’d never experienced pregnancy, let alone a little miracle of my own? But then in 2016, I became a Mama!”

“Of course, I reached for only natural products and while there are wonderful ranges available I was always wanting to add just a little bit of this and a little bit of that… and maybe just a drop or two of something else. Inevitably I found myself concocting lotions and potions for my Bubiroo.

I wanted more than simply all-natural and chemical free. I wanted purpose.”

According to Dorae she needed prioducts that were natural, gentle, therapeutic and also affordable.

“For some reason, natural and healthy is pricey, especially in South Africa! But does it really need to be reserved for the super wealthy”

“It finally dawned on me (I blame preggy brain followed by mama brain for the slow realisation!). I was in the throes of ‘earning my stripes’. I AM a Mama! I am literally walking my talk and have most definitely earned the ‘right’ to realise the dream of creating a baby range.”

And so, the Bubiroo products came to be…

For Dorae creating the products is definitely a favourite part.

“ Well, not so much the frustration of figuring it out although that’s all part of the journey, and also oddly enjoyable because it’s challenging. But that Aha moment when a formulation comes together and just works is amazing.

And of course sharing it with others. As a practitioner, facilitating healing is always a privilege and very rewarding. Creating all-natural products is a means of sharing the healing power of nature with even more people. And makes it more accessible. Often people (and especially mamas) really want to ‘go natural’ but just don’t know where to start.”

The brand is named after Dorae’s little girl, Rubi-Rae… “she is the ‘reason’ it has become a reality. And the reason to keep working at it. She’s my bubi Ru (roo).”

You can win our all time favourite Bubiroo product by visiting the Bubiroo Shop  and commenting below which product tickles your fancy.

Remember that this prize joins a ever growing list of prizes from

Remember this prize will be added to a box that now contains:….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady.  Hasbro, Mastertons, Koosh Toosh

I will be reviewing the Bubiroo range soon so do keep an eye out for that:



8 thoughts on “An all natural Bubiroo treat for you (win win win)

  1. Salma says:

    Been using the baby wax I got in my goody bag atECMeetup , love the stuff as a lipbalm and on my dry elbows , almost like an allpurpose ointment.❤

  2. bubiroo says:

    Thank you Ella for the lovely blog post featuring bubiroo’s Healing Balm! 🙂 x
    And thank you for all the wonderful, positive feedback ladies! It’s so encouraging & makes the whole bubiroo ‘journey’ worthwhile! 🙂

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