How to play with your preschooler without losing your mind

If you follow me on social media (you totally should) you might know that Aidan and I spend a lot of time playing together (parents of onlies can relate – not that other parents don’t play with their  kids but if there  are no siblings you automatically become Player 2)  people have remarked that they can’t see themselves playing with their kid like that without getting super bored…so I thought why not share the secret to not going off your rocker playing with your preschooler


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Searching…Male role models

Let me just start by saying that the male role models in question are not of the human variety. This post is about cartoons and the like…

I believe in filling your life and your child’s life with positive role models, but I’m starting to feel like it’s slim pickings when it comes to the animated variety. I’m struggling to find animated boys that aren’t violent or reckless.

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Arguing with a 4-year-old

This past weekend I was getting some work done when my 4-year-old and I ended up in a bit of a heated debate.  I typed up as much as I could remember verbatim because, when he is older I want him to see what he put me through;

I know some of this might sound “above his years” but as the first time mother of a 4-year-old I’m not really sure what they should sound like…he mostly sounds like a mashup of the Lego song, Everything is Awesome, the My Little Pony theme song and the PJ Mask theme song. (he is always humming/singing one of them)

I have heard that he is quite a precocious 4-year-old though and you can HEAR him for real on our YouTube channel…Anyway here is what happend.

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What does pretty mean? (my accidental parenting win)

What is pretty? I found myself asking my soon to be four year old this last night and the answer really surprised me.


If you follow me on social media (FB, Insta, Twitter) you would know that Aidan is quite, how shall we say; verbal. From the first time he started speaking properly  he has said the most interesting things even getting me in to trouble.   So yesterday’s conversation was not uncommon for us.

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Baakens Food Truck Friday fun (& tips for tots at outdoor events)

My little family and I headed down to the first Baakens Food Truck Friday recently and I learnt a few lessons about kids and outdoor events which I’d like to share.


Firstly what is this Food Truck Friday I speak of?..Well, it’s a brand new event in the Bay which will take place every third Friday of the month. It is family orientated, has free entry and the meals are under R45 so obviously I was keen to go.

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Appreciating the mess

I miss having a clean “adult house”. These days I feel like I’m living with Aidan as his things take over our living space. But right now as I type this I have a new appreciation for the mess and here is why …


I appreciate it because my son is here to make it, as simple as that. On Saturday which was international pregnancy and infant loss awareness day I heard of the passing of one of Aidan’s classmates and it hit me hard.

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