{Win} Mom and daughter see if the Vertex mop is worth the hype

When Vertex sent me a mop to test out I was a little nervous , honestly what could I say about a mop? The vertex website makes claims about this mop being amazing and as a bonofide “liker of things” I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. It didn’t hurt that  they were offering one of these fancy mops to one of my readers (competition below). So I called in my mom and we checked if this dry mop/wet mop/broom/window cleaner was all it was cracked up to be.


Disclaimer: I got my mom involved as she has been a home maker for thirty years now, she is very precise about how things should look  and I thought she would be a nice contrast to me who just wants minimal effort so I can move on with the other billions things going on in my head.

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Beach/pool tips and a chance to win (Spurt)

Want to win some kids swimming accessories from Spurt? As I settle in to a new work year with decreased beach time I thought I would pay it forward and give you guys some beach/pool tips and the chance to win a swim hamper for your kid…

The guys over at Spurt  were super generous in giving Aidan and Caleb each a printed swimming cap(around R50), nose clip (around R50) and goggles (around R240). They then upped the ante and are giving a set to one lucky blog reader… but first more about the brand and some beach/pool hacks for the summer season

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The ultimate baby accessory with Kidcoco (win win win)

Kidcoco is one of our favourite local brands and I am  beyond chuffed to have them on board for the bumper Christmas competition.

If you look carefully at the picture of Liam above you will note that he is wearing an Amber teething necklace. Aidan and Caleb both wore them and although I couldn’t tell you the science behind them if I was on a game show with a car up for grabs, I really believe in these things.

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The Beauty Store addition to the Christmas bag (win win win)

Remember earlier this year when I told you about The Beauty Store  I mentioned how amazing the store was for make up artists and novices alike? Well Gillian from The Beauty Store has been kind enough to add a little magic to the Christmas haul prize in the form of a Switch & Blend by Dupe.

What is this Switch & Blend I speak of? Well  it’s a little sponge thing in a tin container, it’s great if you don’t have a million brushes or feel like cleaning the million you have. Basically by wiping the brush on the black part you rid it of product and can go to the next colour without transfer. So your pallet doesn’t look like a 5-year-old’s art project. The white piece in the middle is dampened and used to moisten your brush and give your eye shadows a darker look. AWESOMENESS! and Gillian has given me one to give to one of you lucky people, it’s worth R120 guys.

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