Why I’m hyped up about a new coffee shop in Uitenhage – Agape (win vouchers)

Friday (March 23, 2018) sees the opening of a new coffee shop in Uitenhage (my hometown) and I thought I’d explain why I’m so excited about it.

My husband asked if I had shares in the place when I excitedly told him about it for the second time in an hour… No, I do not have shares (I have never even met the owners). All I have is short-term memory problems and a healthy dose of excitement, here’s why.

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Top Evita Bezuidenhout quotes (win tickets to Pieter’s life story)

One of the most famous “ladies in politics” , Evita Bezuidenhout, is in town and you get to meet the man behind the legend. Pieter Dirk Uys (the theatre icon) is ready to share his life story and you can win tickets to this – sure to be side splitting – event.

Comrade Bezuidenhout and the two new toxic cactii discovered recently: the amakaktus zumaphobia and the cactus trumfescemia. picture by Stefan Hurter

Uys is bringing two of his solo shows to Port Elizabeth this week, starting with Evita Bezuidenhout and the Kaktus of Separate Development from Thursday February 22 to 24, followed by Echo of a Noise from Monday February 26 to 28.

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Let Littleworld help you give your child the world (R20 000 bursary competition)

Imagine winning an R20 000 bursary for your child’s’ education!!!

School is expensive! There is the stationery, the uniform, the extra murals and that’s not even touching on the actual fees and the fundraising so you’d be silly not to be salivating at the idea of winning Woolworths’ Littleworld bursary competition.

Honestly, this is something I would LOVE to win.  Aidan – readers of this blog might have noticed – is a very precocious child. He loves learning way more than I thought possible, just the other day he told me that he thinks its amazing that there is something to learn from everything you do and everyone you meet – even teachers, hahaha. Hearing those kinds of words from my 4-year-old means that education is always on my mind. I want to give him the best and let’s be real, that often means money money money, so winning some would come in pretty handy.

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{Win} Mom and daughter see if the Vertex mop is worth the hype

When Vertex sent me a mop to test out I was a little nervous , honestly what could I say about a mop? The vertex website makes claims about this mop being amazing and as a bonofide “liker of things” I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. It didn’t hurt that  they were offering one of these fancy mops to one of my readers (competition below). So I called in my mom and we checked if this dry mop/wet mop/broom/window cleaner was all it was cracked up to be.


Disclaimer: I got my mom involved as she has been a home maker for thirty years now, she is very precise about how things should look  and I thought she would be a nice contrast to me who just wants minimal effort so I can move on with the other billions things going on in my head.

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