A reward for the suckier side of pregnancy

It may be quite a while since I was last pregnant so the memories might be foggy…but from what I can remember not every day was as magical as the ads in baby mags would have you believe.

With this in mind I have a great prize for two new or expecting moms…because sometimes you need a little something for you. Can you even remember the last time someone asked you how YOU were without meaning the baby/pregnancy.

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Our Faithful to Nature haul and a chance to win a R1000 voucher

I was recently introduced to Faithful to Nature, an online store no one told me about because they assumed my chia and organic coconut loving self must have known about it.

Faithful to Nature is an online store that sells natural and organic products and even checks every product to make sure it is as green and safe as the manufacturers claim.

faithful to nature

I was recently given a voucher from them to go wild in their store and test out some of their products YEAH ME!!! I decided to let the boys in on the fun and these are our top pics…Three from each of us with a YouTube video at the end of our complete haul.

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The right way to make coffee and a Mastertons suprise

Can you make coffee? Apparently there is a right way to do it and I didn’t know it till last month!!!

How have I lived  32 years (shameless referral to my birthday yesterday) and not know the right way to make coffee? Because no one showed me that’s how. Yes I can make coffee with instant granules and I can use the capsule coffee maker. The coffee I’ve been messing up is the filter kind.

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