My sugar-free bargain finds

My whole life seems to be sugar-free right now so isn’t it fitting to bring back one of my most popular series, with a sugar-free twist.

I did a little poll a while ago asking if you guys would like me to do my cheap things I love series again… You know like THIS ONE and THIS ONE  The answer was a overwhelming yes, so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharing a list of great bargain finds but this time we go sugar-free

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My three ingredient scones just got easier

How can you make three ingredient scones easier? you serve it with the new All Gold Skweez Jam. The jam now comes in these really easy squeezy bottles so you don’t have to fiddle with tin openers and don’t even need a knife.

The great thing is that the texture and the taste hasn’t been compromised to make way for convenience. You know how companies do that? like uhm we wanted it to be easier not different. But this tastes like my childhood (granted with my current sugar issues I can’t have as much as I did in my childhood – Rob is living his best life with the jam though) They come in flavours such as Strawberry, Pear & Mango, Apricot & Peach, but he is still a sucker for Mixed Fruit .(The bottles sell for around R25 each)

But you are here for a scone recipe right?

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Ways to find inspiration for blog and business

I’ve been struggling with inspiration as a whole recently  like I have so much that needs to be done so I do nothing. I chatted to my friend Amelia from Suddenly a Mom as she is a entrepreneur and a blogger and always has a thousand things on her to do list and she actually ticks things off. She was super helpful and has agreed to do a guest post for us…. It is super helpful…see below

(PS. Her tips are  geared for Nelson Mandela Bay but the tips are easily transferable)


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Tips for choosing a guardian for your child

Have you chosen a guardian for your child/children?  What happens to them when you die?  We haven’t and that’s really not smart. It’s not like Rob and I aren’t aware of our mortality…we have lost so many loved ones in a short period of time that we are way more aware of our mortality than we would like to be…We know that there’s a chance of leaving for work and not coming home, or getting struck down by illness, we know this ,we get this, but sometimes things are a little too real and I feel like sticking my fingers in my ears and loudly humming so I don’t have to think about it.

The thing is though, if we don’t make the decision now, if we don’t put it in black on white. Our precious son becomes a ward of the state when we die, no matter how many people love him or want to take care of him, unless we step up and decide, the decision won’t be ours to make.

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Tips for taking pics of kids

I take pics of kids…Well these days I take pic of kid (Aidan) with some cameo appearances. In the past I used to take pics of kids a lot as you can see on My Photography Blog. After starting an Instagram account for Aidan I’ve been asked how I get such good pics of him – the question is usually from people who have met Aidan and know he runs a mile when he sees a camera…

So I thought I’d share my tips…

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Homemade cream cheese in a jiffy

Homemade cream cheese seems like it would be a costly process right? all curds and whey and a muffet on tuffet? Not this recipe, it’s ridiculously easy.

A friend of mine gave me this recipe at a Mexican night, ages ago and now I make it on the regular, because it tastes amazing, looks fancy and is cheap. Man I love fancy things that don’t cost fancy money.

I’m not sure if you can legitimately call it cream cheese but  I do because it’s richer than cottage cheese.

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