How to waste a Sunday and give zero figs

I’m not one to waste my time, unless it’s on worries, I waste a great amount of time thinking about things I have no control over…Sunday I decided to fig it (that’s my preferred term for now) and do nothing, think about nothing and just exist.

These are six ways I turned my brain off and decided to take a much needed break from my life

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Old-school tips for going green

You guys know that I’ve been going green for a while now…instead of just giving up all my worldly possessions and living off the land I’ve been trying to make a few life changes (like Aidan’s party) and just live greener you know. Like the difference between refusing a drinking straw in a restaurant VS only drinking water from streams using my hands (kidding not-kidding).

I decided that I would share some of the ways I’ve (we) have been trying to live more consciously , starting with these old school methods.

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An eco-friendly party on a budget…

I wanted to give my little eco-warrior an eco-friendly party this year… Within the time and money constraints I was facing. I mean I couldn’t have the party in a hut on a mountain, (where we hiked because of the carbon footprint) and ate only 100% organic produce picked by the light of the moon wearing only certified vegan flip-flops… Not yet anyway.

So how did a run of the mill, mom with a penchant for cheap imports make things reduced waste and vegetarian? Well….

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How to make no-sew fabric loot bags

So what would make a sane human being make fabric  loot bags? I mean you can walk into any party store and buy plastic ones for a few bucks. You could use buckets or boxes and continue to live like someone with an actual job and an array of things to do.

BUT, I have set out to give Aidan a reduced waste eco-friendly party (as much as possible) and dammit that is what I am going to do.  So in come these reusable loot bags. They reduce waste considerably and act as a little take home too…WIN WIN, also they are no-sew so a third WIN for mommy.

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Whip up a no sew fabric gift bag in minutes

Are you in the market for a fabric gift bag? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday this DIY is likely to come in pretty handy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon foot by not using traditional wrapping paper, or you just want to extra AF then follow these easy steps.

These bags can be made in any size, small ones like the ones I did are great for party favors. Medium ones could be loot bags and long fabric gift bags s are great for wine.

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Going 50 Shades in decor (Easy furniture white washing)

When I received an email with the words 50 Shades Freed, I was intrigued. Even though I am yet  to watch a 50 Shades of anything movie or read any of the books I have not been living under a rock so the term is super recognizable, so what did Prominent paints have in mind here? Decorating one of those “entertainment rooms” I’ve heard about maybe, eish not my speed.

Turns our the focus was on different shades of grey, which I can totally get behind as it’s probably  my favourite colour in the world. They gave me a voucher and sent me off in search of my top picks out of way more than 50 Shades of grey.

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