How to sew an easy zip up document pouch (Ella vs Ali)

Before I show you how to make an easy zip up document pouch, let me explain the Ella vs Ali part. If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should) you will know that I have started a challenge with fellow crafty momma Ali, from Earth to Ali. Every month until the end of the year we will be challenging each other to create something and you guys can see who completed the task the best…this month was Spring themed and we had to make something using scrap material, which we both have tons of (we could only use half a meter though)

easy zip up document pouch

We had asked our followers on our  instastories to weigh in and tell us  if they wanted us to do practical or decorative and while Ali’s followers opted for decorative , mine wanted practical…. so in comes this easy zip up document pouch…

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Whip up a no sew fabric gift bag in minutes

Are you in the market for a fabric gift bag? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday this DIY is likely to come in pretty handy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon foot by not using traditional wrapping paper, or you just want to extra AF then follow these easy steps.

These bags can be made in any size, small ones like the ones I did are great for party favors. Medium ones could be loot bags and long fabric gift bags s are great for wine.

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Easiest DIY toy ever

When last did I do a DIY Toy here? When last did I do a DIY anything? those of you new to the blog, I used to focus mostly on crafts and DIYs , hacks and tips and although the hacks and tips are here every week I have not DIYed in a while – actually no, I have, I just have not taken any pictures of said DIYs in a while…so last night Aidan and I sat down at my crafting desk (yes i have one of those) and came up with these face pebbles.

This diy toy is  sooo simple and can be used in a variety of ways, we play tic-tac-toe,  memory and we also do simple addition and subtraction games (yes , my kid thinks maths is a game. yes, I should get a maternity test)

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Christmas Crafts: Monster Wallet

I’m starting out my series of Christmas Crafts with a quick tutorial…how to make a monster wallet. Aidan really wants a wallet and since I figure he is going to lose it anyway (I know my kid) I decided to make one…it makes an ideal stocking filler, especially if you put a card/coins from game center in there.


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