Banting and diabetic “safe” cocktails

I’m putting safe in quotations because I am no expert on how safe alcohol would be in banting and diabetic diets. My own dietician was like, let’s cut out alcohol and revisit it. I figured I’d do some research (on reputable sites) so when she was ready to revisit I would be super ready to cater this visit.

So it felt like perfect timing when InterContinental hotels & resorts sent me a stunning (I might have to redo my lounge for it to fit in) cocktail set. I was eager to try it out, but with my diabetic situation and financial situation (adulting in 2017 is expensive, joh) I knew I needed to keep both the sugar and the cost down.  I managed to do both with these recipes

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My three ingredient scones just got easier

How can you make three ingredient scones easier? you serve it with the new All Gold Skweez Jam. The jam now comes in these really easy squeezy bottles so you don’t have to fiddle with tin openers and don’t even need a knife.

The great thing is that the texture and the taste hasn’t been compromised to make way for convenience. You know how companies do that? like uhm we wanted it to be easier not different. But this tastes like my childhood (granted with my current sugar issues I can’t have as much as I did in my childhood – Rob is living his best life with the jam though) They come in flavours such as Strawberry, Pear & Mango, Apricot & Peach, but he is still a sucker for Mixed Fruit .(The bottles sell for around R25 each)

But you are here for a scone recipe right?

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Homemade cream cheese in a jiffy

Homemade cream cheese seems like it would be a costly process right? all curds and whey and a muffet on tuffet? Not this recipe, it’s ridiculously easy.

A friend of mine gave me this recipe at a Mexican night, ages ago and now I make it on the regular, because it tastes amazing, looks fancy and is cheap. Man I love fancy things that don’t cost fancy money.

I’m not sure if you can legitimately call it cream cheese but  I do because it’s richer than cottage cheese.

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Tips for cooking ahead

I am by no means an expert, BUT I can say that cooking ahead is really working for our family.

Leaving home at 6am and getting back at 6pm means very little time with Aidan, little time as a family – if I’m honest  (the need to just get things ready can also make us kinda snappy, all of us) So cooking ahead means we can go for a walk together or hang out in what would usually be our cooking time.

Then we pop a meal in the oven/microwave and we have home cooked meals without the fuss (well there is fuss, every second Sunday there is a lot of fuss.) But I’m loving it and wanted to share tips with anyone considering this…

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Sweet or savoury french toast waffles

French toast waffles are saving my life! As you know Aidan is not the best eater. NOT AT ALL. He is also vegetarian because my sweet little boy can’t handle the idea of animals getting hurt in the name of a meal. (I still wonder how this happened as we all eat meat) .

I have to make sure that I get the right things into his diet, like protein and iron.

french toast waffles

For iron I used things like my super simple seed bar recipe, for protein, things like my three ingredient pancakes work But what is even faster than that? French toast in a waffle maker…here is how:

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