#ECmeetup blogging expert Megan Kelly Botha welcomes your questions

What do you do when you hear that Megan Kelly Botha, arguably the most influential blogger in the Eastern Cape is packing her (probably fabulously  colour coordinated) bags and winging her way to South America? You nab her as a speaker at the #ECMeetup before her plane takes off, that’s what.

The parenting and beauty blogger juggles an online presence with a large following,  a booming online business (which she runs with her husband)  and two boisterous boys, but has never the less agreed to answer all our nagging questions, in fact she welcomes it.

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5 reasons to get your butt to #ECMeetup

It is time for the annual #ECMeetup and I would be straight out lying if I said I was not excited. This little idea myself and Luchae  had over email three events ago, has exceeded our expectations since day one and it warms my heart that I get to be part of such a great initiative.

For those of you who have no idea what I am on about. The #ECMeetup is a networking event for bloggers and influencers in the Eastern Cape. It is a sister event to the Jhb, CT, and Dbn events and it is myself and Luchae’s pride and joy (apart from our kids, I only have one kids Lu has , I don’t know I lost count, hehe) We get together eat great food, often thanks to The Boma and The Plantation  and venue owners Sarah and Ralph Dirsuwei from Chasing the Rainbow  who have been gracious hosts for two (soon to be three) events now. So why should you come? Well one of our regulars, Ranique from Big Mouth Entertainment thinks it’s a must   Here are my own reasons:

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#ECMeetup gets a photography lesson

The #ECMeetup  bloggers spoke and we listened…

We ran a survey asking what you want to hear about and the two topics that came out tops were Branding and Photography, for branding we have the Amazing Mandy Lee Miller of Tums2TotsPregnant in Cape Town and #CarSeatFullStop fame. She is an industry expert, on the topic of social media influencing, blogging and marketing and you can read about her on MySpreadsheetbrain.

Allow me to introduce our Photography speaker!!! Davene Prinsloo

Davene Prinsloo gives more than just her name to her photography business; she pours her heart and soul into it.

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Countdown to #ECMeetup

meetupIt is #ECMeetup time again and we are soooo excited

It has been pretty emotional to be honest. Well for me anyway. At times I found myself thinking I have no business taking the lead on something like this but then my co-host Luchae would put things in perspective for me. This is not about us, we had a dream to get the local bloggers, talking, interacting and learning, and to shine a little bit of a “bat signal” from the Eastern Cape saying there are more bloggers here than you think guys. And since that is what we set out to do, we are on track.

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Going Somewhere Slowly… #ECMeetup perhaps

So I’m super hyped about the #ECMeetup.

I don’t know if it’s the gifts and goodibag items that have been arriving, that today is the cut off for tickets, or what exactly but I am soooooooooooooo excited!

Part of my #ECMeetup excitement comes from the fact that Anje Rautenbach, yes THE Anje from the wildly popular Going Somewhere Slowly and Vroetel Voete has agreed to be a speaker at the event.


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