My waterless morning curl routine

My shorter hair has forced me to change my morning curl routine a bit. This length is a no bun zone and in all honesty that can be tricky.

So with the new “All Afro all the Time” look I needed a plan for the morning.
The water crisis and the fact that I have to get ready at 6am in what seems to be the coldest May in years made it essential for my curl routine to be waterless.

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Expert advice for those day one natural hair questions 

There are so many natural hair questions! So many things Naturalistas want to get to the bottom of before taking the big step, or big chop. Today I share answers from an expert because I am the first to admit that unlike my eyeliner, I’m winging this.
THE Amanda Cooke, better known as Mandy from Cape Town Curly (one of the organisers of the annual The Cape Town Natural Hair Fest and my personal hair crush) has answered the top natural hair questions that seem to be plaguing newbies (judging by my inbox) so here goes

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