You decided to dye your natural hair…now what?

Can you dye your natural hair? Will you even be considered a natural after that? will you get kicked off all the groups and stripped of your detangling brush and coconut oil?

In all seriousness, I don’t really know what constitutes being a natural, in my book it’s no chemicals , no heat. and since I’m more low chemicals, minimal heat, I see myself as a bos kop/a curly girl/pro natural.

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Chase Rhys…curly countdown

I haven’t done a curly countdown in ages so I thought it might be fun to include a dude for a change. Our curly guy is Cape Town Writer and performing artist Chase Rhys.

The 28-year-old from Ocean View outside Cape Town is the winner of the inaugural Adam Rosalie Small Award for Debutant writers for his play, Kinnes.

He wrote his first play, Kinnes to honour the lives of the children who are victims of violence on the Cape Flats and to ask why the most vulnerable people in our communities are not adequately protected.

I love the concept of the play and the subject matter is something that has bothered me since I was old enough to understand the impact of what  I was reading in the news. It is so awesome to see young writers achieve, but then on the other side of this, I must say THAT HAIR THO…here is his curly countdown

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DIY hair gel in 10 minutes (cheap and really works)

I have been using DIY hair gel for the last two weeks and I am OBSESSED

I had seen a bunch of curly girls rave about DIY hair gel on social media, but quite frankly I thought they were taking this natural movement to the extreme, because who has the time and energy to make their own DIY hair gel, conditioner, masks and whatever? (go suffer buyers remorse at Clicks and Dischem like the rest of us!) I wondered, who are these people? but now, I am these people – since I found out the benefits of Flaxseed gel on your hair and also how cheap the seeds are and easy the gel is to make.

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Easy hairstyles for stretching the blowout

I am all for easy hairstyles and with my recent blowout I knew I had to find a way to make it last. When people see me with straight hair the question is always “why don’t you do it more often, the answer is; “I don’t have hours (to be fair the last one was not that long) to sit around so that my hair stays straight for the time it takes to take three selfies”. My hair wants to be curly so from the moment I get up off the chair it is ready to go back to its roots. (pun intended).  So if I do get my hair blow-dried I want to get a few days out of it …here is how I managed it.

easy hairstyles


My easy hairstyles for post blowout:

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I found a natural friendly stylist – yeah me!

I found a natural friendly stylist!!! I feel like this statement can be met with one of four questions;

  1. What is a natural friendly stylist?
  2. Surely it could not have taken you that long to find one
  3. Why do you specifically need a natural friendly stylist anyway?
  4. Why must you always be so extra when it comes to hair?

Well let me tell you all about that but first a picture of me in straight hair for the first time in years


Now back to this stylist and why I was searching for one in the first place

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Stylish Steppers unisex shampoo review

We did a unisex shampoo review. Me and my husband did… I don’t even know if the shampoo is supposed to be unisex shampoo. Like does it even matter? Well in our house we are not big on sticking to gender norms…I will fix the plug he will fix the supper, you know, we are very 2017 like that. So even if one shampoo was made with Unicorn pee and the other with Hulk sweat we recon it would be okay to try it out.

But all silliness aside. … Michelle, the owner of local salon Stylish Steppers released her own range of products and let me try out her shampoos…Here is what I thought.

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