How to play with your preschooler without losing your mind

If you follow me on social media (you totally should) you might know that Aidan and I spend a lot of time playing together (parents of onlies can relate – not that other parents don’t play with their  kids but if there  are no siblings you automatically become Player 2)  people have remarked that they can’t see themselves playing with their kid like that without getting super bored…so I thought why not share the secret to not going off your rocker playing with your preschooler


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When your child is no longer “cute”

What nonsense am I speaking about? Do I really think my child is no longer cute? Well yes

And no… He is my child he is the most attractive kid ever since ever. He has the curliest hair and biggest eyes and most perfect skin(we all think our kids are beautiful it’s ingrained in our subconscious. We are in awe of them  – then sometimes we see photos of them when they were younger and realise we were wearing “mom goggles” – so you would be hard pressed to find a parent who didn’t think their kid was beautiful. In fact your mom probably still thinks your grownup  self is sooo beautiful) . But this isn’t about attractiveness NOPE this is about that Awwww factor babies have and let’s face it my child is no longer cute….

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Embrace motherhood and reject mom shaming, with a smile

If you have ever been on a mom group on facebook you will know that mom shaming is a thing… You will also know that mom shaming is awful and usually not even intended (I sure hope this is true) it’s just a bunch of people who genuinely think their way is better and are just trying to help (others are just witches, lets face it)


So Saturday morning I woke to the sound of rain falling on the roof, I lay back and listened to the rhythmic breathing of the three-year-old who had snuck into my bed and I just savoured the moment.

Then I looked at my phone and freaked the flip out! In 30 minutes I had to have Aidan in a costume and at the starting line of a family fun run.

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kidnapped toys, bad guys and monkeys in the loo

That was my weekend…

Aidan is a bit of a smart aleck honestly a snarky answer for everything!!! He argues with me over everything, telling me it’s not night time it’s just dark or he isn’t drinking the bath water it’s just touching his tongue.
Sometimes his “cockiness” shows up as a discipline issue, like when he doesn’t listen to me and instead says, “whaaaaat, no mummy no, just wait a little bit”.
He refused to pick up his play dough things on Friday night telling me that I can just pick it up. I was so annoyed at the little man that I told him the “bad guys” wanted to take his toys and I would phone them and tell them to come over. The last straw was when he brought me the phone to call the bad guys (Maybe I was already upset that he was mocking me earlier by going to the naughty chair, sitting there and laughing, oooooh naughty chair naughty chair).
At the time I retaliated by telling him I would smack his bum and he retorted by following me around asking me to please smack his bumbum… This kid exhausts me.
Any who the bad guys came and took his toys. The play dough stuff (which are now in the boot of my car) are his favorite so it really did make an impact, I know this for sure as I overheard him tell my mom that he was naughty so the bad guys took his stuff.
He was much better behaved after that as the bad guys threatened to take Scout (his electronic leap pad stuffed dog) and I heard him tell Scout that he (Aidan) would box and kick the bad guys if they came for him (Scout).
– Please tell me you guys have used tactics like this to get your way, sometimes I feel outsmarted by a toddler

We did the potty training thing this weekend and it was interesting, I told you guys all his excuses in THIS POST and at first, this weekend was not that much better. I kept him home on Thursday and Friday and turned it into a potty training boot camp. I put him in underpants and stuck a sticker inside the toilet to use as target practice, I just used a monkey sticker from one of his sticker books but I know you can buy proper ones for this purpose. Thursday was tough, he kept wetting himself but by yesterday he stayed dry, even taking a nap in his underpants…he went to day care this morning so that will be the real test…wish us luck!!!

PS. this parenting thing is hard!