The upside of unemployment

Disclaimer: Okay firstly I don’t take unemployment lightly. I know it’s tough (I’ve spent a lifetime on job sites for myself, friends and family – I have wiped tears, my own and theirs when rejection letters came and cursed companies that don’t have the decency to reject you) I know that there are far too little jobs to go around and I know there are people starving because of this.

The type of unemployment  I’m referring to is the type you choose , the type you signed up for, the unemployed on paper (so no one pays your medical aid and pension but you) but working your butt off in real life type of unemployment.

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A change is a brewing

Flip I’m tired this morning

Went out last night and saw Dalin Oliver‘s show “I came I taught I left”…super funny BUT Since I’m old now and it was a week night I’m feeling ready for a nap.

So…I’ve gathered you all here for a bit of an announcement;
You know how I decided to ditch the 9-5 last year and do my own thing? Well it’s going well so well in fact I need to regroup and recalculate…. like a GPS

So what is Eleanor up to?

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Some blog and birthday love

So today’s post is a birthday card of sorts 🙂

I thought I’d share some info on my #ecmeetup co-host Luchae and tell you “our story” (because she has been super emo and I’m hoping you guys will go over to one of her social media pages and share some love)

So I met Luchae through email, before social media was super big around these parts, before fb even (giving away ages here).

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