What does pretty mean? (my accidental parenting win)

What is pretty? I found myself asking my soon to be four year old this last night and the answer really surprised me.


If you follow me on social media (FB, Insta, Twitter) you would know that Aidan is quite, how shall we say; verbal. From the first time he started speaking properly  he has said the most interesting things even getting me in to trouble.   So yesterday’s conversation was not uncommon for us.

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#ECMeetup welcomes Davene Prinsloo Photography

The #ECMeetup bloggers spoke and we listened… A poll revealed that what the guest wanted to hear about most was branding and photography, and we are bringing you just that.

On the topic of branding we are flying in Cape Town based Mandy-Lee Miller of Tums2TotsPregnant in Cape Town and #CarSeatFullStop fame. She is an industry expert, on the topic of social media influencing, blogging and marketing and you can read about her on MySpreadsheetbrain


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Thankful Tuesday…On Logan’s 5th anniversary

Thankful Tuesday is a weird way to commemorate the anniversary of my son’s death.

Especially weird since I’m not feeling super thankful, I’m feeling like a sea sponge left in the mid-summer sun, all dry inside from too much crying and exhausted from all the feels.

He is officially gone for five years now, five Easters, five Christmases, five birthdays, countless milestones.

So what’s with all this thankful malarky?

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