Chase Rhys…curly countdown

I haven’t done a curly countdown in ages so I thought it might be fun to include a dude for a change. Our curly guy is Cape Town Writer and performing artist Chase Rhys.

The 28-year-old from Ocean View outside Cape Town is the winner of the inaugural Adam Rosalie Small Award for Debutant writers for his play, Kinnes.

He wrote his first play, Kinnes to honour the lives of the children who are victims of violence on the Cape Flats and to ask why the most vulnerable people in our communities are not adequately protected.

I love the concept of the play and the subject matter is something that has bothered me since I was old enough to understand the impact of what  I was reading in the news. It is so awesome to see young writers achieve, but then on the other side of this, I must say THAT HAIR THO…here is his curly countdown

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Honey, I shrunk myself – Mini-me review

I recently got a Mini-me Lego character to review and I’m smitten. I have created a little thing that looks like me before, but this one doesn’t backchat.

So why get a mini version of yourself? Because why the heck not! You guys know I’m not about wasting money. Value for money is very important to me so let’s start with that … It’s actually really cost effective for something so personalised… You build yourself up (in a different way from how your favorite teacher did!) by picking out key characteristics and putting it together. Continue reading

Battling hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) with Iontoderma

I was asked to write about hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and I giggled. Imagine writing about sweaty hands and feet, how gross, and then it hit me. 

My childish reaction is exactly why I should investigate the condition which affects almost 5% of the population, because if I was being a jerk about it (and I like to think that I am quite open minded) then imagine how tough it must be for people living with the problem. 

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DIY hair gel in 10 minutes (cheap and really works)

I have been using DIY hair gel for the last two weeks and I am OBSESSED

I had seen a bunch of curly girls rave about DIY hair gel on social media, but quite frankly I thought they were taking this natural movement to the extreme, because who has the time and energy to make their own DIY hair gel, conditioner, masks and whatever? (go suffer buyers remorse at Clicks and Dischem like the rest of us!) I wondered, who are these people? but now, I am these people – since I found out the benefits of Flaxseed gel on your hair and also how cheap the seeds are and easy the gel is to make.

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5 ways to fake being fancy.

Have you ever doubted your level of fancy. Does your love of a bargain and no name brand snacks radiate off you as you enter a room?

I was having a laugh with a few friends (Eridene mainly) recently. Talking about times we needed to “act fancy” when we didn’t feel it in the slightest. We were drinking rather expensive whiskey at the time wondering if anyone would notice if we added some juice…

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