Does this natural bum balm really work?

A baby bum balm review: By now you guys should know that we are Bubiroo fans. From the healing balm to the dry shampoo Bubiroo gets a thumbs up from us.

This is why I had to outsource the bum balm review. It worked a charm on Liam but a part of me wondered if I was being biased, you know like when you like a brand and then suddenly they can do no wrong (this is how Kim K manages to find buyers for her 435 nude shades) …so I called in reinforcements.

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Unexpected inspiration from Miracles From Heaven

I watched Miracles From Heaven on Netflix and I’m feeling rather inspired. It’s a movie based on the true story of the Beam family, whose ten-year-old daughter Annabel was dying from a rare gastric condition. The family went through financial difficulties, personal issues and a child who literally asked God to take her so she could be out of pain. A freak accident healed the girl completely and she firmly believes that she met God during the ordeal.
 Miracles from heaven, the movie


 It’s amazing to know that this girl is now healed from an incurable disease (google her) but that’s not what this post  is about, it’s about me, this blog is called JUST Ella Bella, what did you expect, hahaha

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Behind the #ECMEETUP…tips for planning a blogger event

With the fifth ECMEETUP behind us and the 6th already forming in the back of our minds, Luchae and I have recently found ourselves fielding the question “how do you pull it off” quite a lot.

The question increased in frequency after we managed to have experts  board Flights to Port Elizabeth   for the last two big events. First blogger and PR expert Mandy-Lee Miller from Pregnant in CT and Ever After and most recently the amazing Travelstart team.

 Since Shay and I aren’t hiding anything here (in fact we would love to be invited to a local event so we can finally win something – sour grapes? Us? Never) I thought I’d share our 10 steps to creating a blogger event.

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