The thing about date rape

The thing about date rape is that it feels  like an abuse you showed up for, a violation that you got dressed up for. You put on lipstick you made small talk, you consented to not consenting.

The thing about date rape is you told your bestie about your abuser, you sang his praises, you were excited for her to meet him. Now you find yourself conflicted, confused, betrayed.

The thing is, it’s not ever your fault, never! But you wonder things…

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My top 5 Netflix picks

I love Netflix, When the internet at home doesn’t suck (Really Telkom? Really? Why do you guys hate us? how have we offended you?) I enjoy watching Netflix not only is it a great way to switch off my mind after working who know how many jobs a day, but also because I’m super basic and Netflix matches my Uggs and flavoured coffee.

But in all seriousness here are my top 5 things to watch.
Keep in mind my taste in TV is humourous, quirky, bordering on silly. I feel like life is serious so when I settle down to binge watch things it’s usually comedy.

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