Dear friend, I’m sorry I’m a sucky friend

I’m a sucky friend, not by design, not on purpose, but in the same breath I’m not likely to do much to change it right now. Not out of spite, just out of not being sure how I would.

I did not always have many friends, then suddenly God was like hey open your eyes and I realised how lucky I was, how extremely blessed I was in the friendship department…the thing is I don’t know that I’m as much of a blessing myself.

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Our Faithful to Nature haul and a chance to win a R1000 voucher

I was recently introduced to Faithful to Nature, an online store no one told me about because they assumed my chia and organic coconut loving self must have known about it.

Faithful to Nature is an online store that sells natural and organic products and even checks every product to make sure it is as green and safe as the manufacturers claim.

faithful to nature

I was recently given a voucher from them to go wild in their store and test out some of their products YEAH ME!!! I decided to let the boys in on the fun and these are our top pics…Three from each of us with a YouTube video at the end of our complete haul.

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Curly Countdown with Eleanor J’adore

Today I am interviewing Eleanor J’adore , No I’m not interviewing myself (I’ve done that before though). This Eleanor is South African natural hair blogger, Eleanor Barkes.

eleanor j'adore

I first “met” her a million years ago when she was in PR and I was a reporter and she phoned and introduced herself “Hi, it’s Eleanor” and I thought she was asking me if I was Eleanor and we just kind of said “yes, Eleanor” for a few times till we clicked and burst out laughing. Because honestly how silly.

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Am I even worthy of the #rockingmotherhood tag?

When my friend Venean from In the Meantime tagged me in her #rockingmotherhood post, I was not super keen. Honestly I don’t particularly feel like I’m rocking anything at the moment…nada, nothing, nix…I don’t even want to go in to my lack of rockingness that’s how bleugh I have been feeling.


But I really like Venean and I decided to stop being a stick in the mud and try my hand at listing ten things that stand out as me “rocking motherhood”

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Win a Popsiebelle Easter Surprise

Aidan has been playing with some Popsiebelle products and so could you.

In honour of Easter weekend Popsiebelle is giving away a Mr and a  Miss Hoppet, one for little a boy and one for a little girl 🙂  (You guys  know I don’t  care about gender norms so if a boy wants Miss Hoppit, that works too)

When I first started chatting to the owner of Popsiebelle, Ingrid Frauenstein , neither of us knew that we were chatting from the same city, Port Elizabeth. Once we figured that out, we met over coffee and totally clicked. The ridiculously talented, Ingrid (she conceptualises, draws and designs everything herself) and I chatted about the importance of playtime and imagination and I learned about the origins of Popsiebelle

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