Affordable and DIY beauty storage

Today’s DIY beauty storage hacks are courtesy of Simran from Burgundy Beauty. If you are into make-up,beauty, lifestyle and STUNNING pictures do check her out.

I love doing guest posts because I enjoy learning new things and adore hearing other people’s opinions and ideas (probably why I became a journalist in the first place). Today’s idea is “how to not look Ratchet and have your makeup lay around everywhere”

Simran is talking affordable and DIY beauty storage , so you know I am excited!

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Things I don’t want you discussing with my kid

I know this post is likely to make me unpopular, but it’s okay, I was a super nerd at school and being unpopular is second nature.

As much as I love the concept of a village raising a child there are some places where “village idiots need not apply”.

There are certain values and traits that I would like my child to grow up with and for this to work, there are some subjects I would rather have you avoid when speaking to my preschooler  – and those are.

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Volunteers prove there is hope for us yet

I sit here in awe of rescue workers, the  volunteers and donations that has kept people going during the devastation that is the Nelson Mandela Bay and Garden Route fires.


I haven’t blogged in a few days, honestly, I have just been finding anything I am likely to say pretty superficial in the light of current events. How can I share something as random as my balsamic vinegar reduction recipe (albeit awesome) when people have died, homes have been lost and the air still smells thick with smoke?

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The lowdown on Pewa’s curls

Today Pewa talks curls… Our curly countdown is that of Ndapewa Ithete who describes herself as a  scientist/afro-nerd/makeup enthusiast and blogger with mermaid aspirations.

Ndapewa answered my call for more curly countdown features and I am so glad she did as it led me to her blog Pewa of Namib which is a GREAT resource for hair product reviews. Maybe it’s the scientist in her but she really goes all out with ingredients, pros and cons, so do check her out.


So lets jump right into her curly countdown…but first a little more about Pewa

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Tips for choosing a guardian for your child

Have you chosen a guardian for your child/children?  What happens to them when you die?  We haven’t and that’s really not smart. It’s not like Rob and I aren’t aware of our mortality…we have lost so many loved ones in a short period of time that we are way more aware of our mortality than we would like to be…We know that there’s a chance of leaving for work and not coming home, or getting struck down by illness, we know this ,we get this, but sometimes things are a little too real and I feel like sticking my fingers in my ears and loudly humming so I don’t have to think about it.

The thing is though, if we don’t make the decision now, if we don’t put it in black on white. Our precious son becomes a ward of the state when we die, no matter how many people love him or want to take care of him, unless we step up and decide, the decision won’t be ours to make.

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