Chase Rhys…curly countdown

I haven’t done a curly countdown in ages so I thought it might be fun to include a dude for a change. Our curly guy is Cape Town Writer and performing artist Chase Rhys.

The 28-year-old from Ocean View outside Cape Town is the winner of the inaugural Adam Rosalie Small Award for Debutant writers for his play, Kinnes.

He wrote his first play, Kinnes to honour the lives of the children who are victims of violence on the Cape Flats and to ask why the most vulnerable people in our communities are not adequately protected.

I love the concept of the play and the subject matter is something that has bothered me since I was old enough to understand the impact of what  I was reading in the news. It is so awesome to see young writers achieve, but then on the other side of this, I must say THAT HAIR THO…here is his curly countdown


5 facts about me and my hair

-Janet Jackson is my hair inspiration and general muse. Subconsciously I find myself making hairstyles that’s like a boy version of Janets. My main hair goal in life is to have curls like on the Velvet Rope album cover.

– I’ve only embraced my curls for the past couple of years now. Before I used to relax and straighten it. I am inspired by the decolonization/fallist movement, and it expressed itself through my hair.

-Coconut oil works miracles on my skin, but it takes out my curl so I don’t use it in my hair.
I’m kwaai in the kitchen. People love my curry.

-My puppy Maxwell has the most beautiful deep chocolate brown coat. I would do anything to get my hair his colour.

– I feel incredibly blessed to have grown up in a household of only women. I was witness to all their hair secrets passed down through the generations.

4 products or activities you can’t live without

-Black Like Me Curl Pudding. – it keeps my twists in, and it smells divine.

– I can’t live without pen and paper. Writing for me has almost become a dictation process. I have to be prepared for whenever inspiration hits. The words don’t flow so lekker if I write on an electronic device.

-Bobby pins.

-I can’t live without Janet Jackson, Diana Ross and Sade. Their music just makes moments sweeter.

3 Tips for curly guys

– Don’t look at it like your simply washing your hair, realize that you are involved in a self-care ritual. Take your time. Play old-school jazzy numbers, light an incense stick, condition and finger-detangle. If you’re feeling indulgent, then pour yourself a drink and prepare fancy snacks on the side.

-Twist your hair after you’ve washed it. Take two even pieces and twist them around each other. Make your twists even.

-Moenie net gaan slaap ie- if you don’t have a bonnet of ‘n doek, then tie the curls into a loose, high pony at the top of your head before you go to bed.

2 misconceptions about curly hair

-That curls are just a tangled bush. You can run your fingers through my curls.

-That curly hair is unprofessional/informal. I would immediately hire any person with a lekker kop krulle. I’d know the have patience and superior attention to detail.

 Your one FAVOURITE way to wear your hair.

When I have twists and a couple of bobby-pins then my hairstyle options are endless. I can gooi it to the back ,to the side, gather it to the front or tie it into a pony. And after a few days when I untwist, my curls are defined and easy to manage.

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