Cheapy things I love, volume 2

So I’m frugal / budget  conscious/cheap, BUT I do like “nice things”. Last year I did my first list of Cheapy Things I Love  and I thought it was about time I did another installment, esp as the budget speech happened  and we are now acutely aware that we are all broke (or is that just me? please send donations to ********)… So here goes 🙂

Relax with Art Magazine (under R40)
I do the adult colouring thing, actually my friend Sal and I were colouring to relax before adult colouring was a thing, buying good quality kids ones and chilling with snacks, GOOD TIMES!.  Adult colouring books can be a little pricey which isn’t ideal when you have kids who want to help out. I got a fancy R200 one as a valentines gift which I keep on the highest shelf (I can reach) but for hanging out at the park or for a nice gift bag filler I buy the Relax with Art Magazine, it is under R40 (suddenly can’t remember exactly) but the pictures are crisp and clean and the paper is great and it’s a bargain, available at most supermarkets, PnP for sure.
BIC colouring pencils (R27)
For colouring I have many different markers and pens and pencils (I have a stationery habit actually)I never thought of BIC for colouring but when Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain bought Aidan BIC crayons as part of a Christmas gift I was hooked. The crayons are super smooth and bright and I wondered about the colouring pencils and YES! they are equally awesome and a steal. Smooth comfy colouring buddy!!!
Satiskin Moroccan Spice shower gel (R35)
This stuff is amazing, it’s a bigger bottle than most brands, leaves your skin nice and soft and THE SMELL!!! What is this even?! It’s like a warm cup of spice tea on the balcony of a stone palace… hahahaha, okay maybe not that, but it’s great and the smell lasts longer than my other body washes. Is it strange to sniff myself? yes! do I do it anyway? yes! (Got it on special at Makro two for R45) hows that for budget savvy
Woolies Vanilla Chai (R31)
If you are now craving tea because of my beautiful explanation above (because I’m an amazing sales person type) You should try this Vanilla Chai. This is SO yum!!! I actually brought some to work to give out to all the tea lovers and then I was briefly referred to as a “tea dealer” but I digress… This is 40 cups of awesome (you can taste the spices) chai at around R1 a cup (not counting the water) It smells so amazing I stuck a tea bag in smelly gym bag and it’s all chai deliciousness now (I threw away the tea bag after, I’m frugal, I’m not gross, lol)

Smart Seal by Tevo ( R106)
My mom isn’t into gimmicks, okay that maybe that’s a lie as I recall a drawer of miracle whisks and openers (wait, no, I’m pretty sure that’s my dad’s doing)  any who she got these smart seal lids recently and I was sure it was not not worth it, I mean its a silicone circle, how well could it really work? AWESOMELY that’s how. It suctions like prize octopus (is that a thing? a prize octopus?) you place it on your pot or bowl and tadah! you have a lid. It’s microwave and oven safe and works on the stove top or to seal in freshness with a salad. TOTAL WIN!

You can get all that for under R300 how cool am I ? also if you like this comment below and I will do more cheap finds 🙂

*Please note that I bought these things, no sponsorships or products for review 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cheapy things I love, volume 2

  1. cat says:

    Love this post and am so going to try the shower gel and look for the lids. I have to agree with those colouring books – bought my mom one when she was tired of her others. And I recently did a whole post about colouring in and all the things I love about it.

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