DIY Yarn braid accent

So I’m calling this a yarn braid accent because I don’t actually know the official term. But I do know I did it myself and people are either lying to my face or genuinely wanting to how to do it so I’m sharing a tutorial.

All you need to do this yarn braid is some yarn and the need to channel your inner 90s hip hop Diva….

How to do a seamless yarn braid

The trick with this style is to seamlessly go from one colour to another. You don’t want a bunch of knots down the braid. So that’s technically what I’m explaining here so pay attention… I’m doing this pre coffee so comment below if you don’t understand something and I shall explain what I meant.

If you need tips on doing the actual box braid yourself see here

Your tools

Yarn (I used my crochet set because I can’t crochet to save my life…. Not that I know how crochet could save a life…. Quick he is drowning send two doilies Stat)

A mirror

Your method

So take two pieces of yarn (one in each colour) , I went for super long like twice a braids length.

Find the middle piece as shown in picture.

Now tie both pieces where you want to start (as pictured) like all four pieces in a nice double knot

Now take your first colour in your hand and let the other colour lay flat on your braid

Just twist your first colour till you have it as long as you want it and then switch

So you let the colour you were using hang down and start spinning the other colour you want on the yarn braid…

Keep an eye on your mirror for gaps

Tie off at the end… And there you have it

What do you think of my yarn braid thingy?

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