Everything falls apart to fall together

Aidan’s carefully planned party totally went bust yesterday.
The venue I made sure to book and pay deposit for a month in advance mixed up our booking (despite my checking in) and we ended up standing in the rain with Aidan knocking on door saying “please open the door”
Luckily (due to it being Easter weekend) the only guests were “family” so I didn’t have to feel embarrassed while standing with platters and cake outside… We rallied and ended up having a get together at the local spur…The rushing around made me forget my camera though so that sucked…
Also sucks that all the decor I bought went unused and that we had to take out extra money last minute but at the end of the day we had a good time and Aidan had a blast which is all we really wanted 🙂
And he loved the cake and t-shirts I crafted for him and his friends loved the thank you gifts I made… crafting makes me happy 🙂
Aidan got awesome well thought out gifts – love gifts that show you put thought into it…


Also aidan tells me he only wants to wear superman clothes now…so welcome to the terrible 2s

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