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Even before my first pregnancy I always knew I would be one of those moms who “dress up” their kids, but it came to my attention rather early on that the kid I am tasked with is not the “sit around looking pretty” kind so I had to come up with a middle ground of sorts,  stylish (Hey he won’t let me dress him for very long, indulge me) but practical playable clothes, Mr Price and Jet Stores are really my go to when it comes to clothes because it’s fashionable things that won’t break the bank… Also I make a lot of his things, and he wears Oh!Boy things a lot and I’m very blessed that people buy him clothes for birthdays and Christmas and I love them for that…

Batman t-shirt (Mr P) Chinos (Gift) Scarf (Oh!Boy) Sneakers (Gift)
Top (Mr P) Pants (Gift) a scarf and a clip on snood worn together because he wanted to (Oh!Boy)
How the outfit looks when refusing to get out of mommy’s car
Denim Dungarees (PnP, bought for his first birthday but only fits now)
Top (Ackerman’s)
Snood (oh!boy) pants (oh!boy) Cardi (Mr P)
he has other shoes I promise
Mr P head to toe
I swear he has other shoes
Track pants (Pep) Red t-shirt (PnP)
Shirt (Jet) Pants (Gift) Boots (Mr P) Bowtie (Oh!Boy)
Hat (stolen from dad) clip snood (Oh!Boy) Pants (Gift) Jersey (MrP)
Track Pants (Pep) Boots (MrP) Jersey (MrP) scarf (Oh!Boy)
Beanie (Daddies one the other way around) Top (Pnp, set of 3)
Jacket (Gift) Pants and Snood (Oh!Boy)
Full view
Apart from boots this whole look is made up of gifts πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “fashion you can play in

  1. cat says:

    My boys have those very same Mr P windbreakers. One blue and one green. And gosh now that they choose their own clothes they are mostly a nightmare. AS simple as possible,

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