Food and Laughter…my other 2 favourites

I missed out on a spiritual weekend away 🙁 but was determined to connect with myself none the less…. so my weekend was filled with family,fun and rediscovering me…..

I had a much deserved brunch date with my friend Monica, she has a way of reminding me of God’s devine purpose in my life while making me laugh like a high school girl (we forgot to take a selfie, but took pictures of our crazy delicious coffee…hers is a champagne latte and mine a death by chocolate)

Saturday was spent eating (let’s call it a reward for weight I lost,hehe) we took Aidan to Spur, the moment the waitress arrived he asked for “chippies pease” she wasn’t quite sure what to make of this confident one year old ordering off a menu…hahaha

The afternoon was spent with the women in my family having high tea at the Boardwalk hotel….so much yummy!
Had a blast laughing at comments like: “this place makes me feel like I’m either Sofia the first or I’m in a Barbie movie” and regarding an attractive chef “my compliments to the chef, oh the food was nice too” also apparently pistachios are pretentious nuts and my cousins have no problem “going out for a breath of fresh air”  and turning it into an impromptu photo shoot…me not so much. I stayed inside with a camomile and lavender tea…so much good!

Yesterday I photographed a third birthday party … well that’s me

Have an amazing week all 🙂

2 thoughts on “Food and Laughter…my other 2 favourites

  1. Heather says:

    Sounds like such a nice weekend! Sometimes you do have to make choices and say no to things but I think it also makes you appreciate the other option more. Great to connect with friends.

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