Is Glove-A-Bubble worth the hype? kids weigh in

Just Fun Kidz recently made me the most popular mom and aunt ever, with a delivery of Glove-A-Bubble. I had no idea what this contraption was and I thought that perhaps many of you wouldn’t know either, so allow me to inform you, I’m very informative like that.
Glove-A-Bubble is a way for kids to make bubbles by waving their hands in a fun animal shaped glove, so I asked kids in my life to test it out because I’m a little past the age of bubbles (lies there is no such thing)

Each Glove-A-Bubble contains a re-sealable bag and bubble solution. All kids have to do is put on the glove and dip it in the bubble bag, then wave and play.
Since I am on the reduced waste kick I love that the actual glove doubles as the packaging. No extra plastic waste! you cut the bottom of the glove and inside you find a durable zip-lock bag and two bags of bubble solution.
The bag is made in a way that it can stand pretty easily, which is a must with kids and bubbles. Having two packets of bubble solution is also super handy because you know that at some point these bubbles are going to end up all over the floor and then they are going to look up at you with big eyes and you need to magically conjure up more solution. Dish-washing liquid and prayer is not an ideal long-term solution.
Where was I? Oh ja, pour the solution into the little bag and then have kids dip their gloved hands into the bag and then shake their hands, its so simple, but kids lose their minds over this simple concept.
I’ve tried it out with all three boys, Liam mostly hits the other two with the gloves while Aidan and Caleb have a blast with it.
I was given a few so I handed them out to get an overview of what other people think…
Cruze- pictured above (3-y-old) Thinks it’s the best thing ever, he spilled some of it but according to his mom it’s WAY better than when he deals with the bottles
Jordan (6-y-old) She loved her animal design almost too much to cut it open into a glove, “it’s just tooooo cute”
Zain (1-y-old) He was a little too young for the glove but got a kick out of the bubbles coming from the bright cartoonish animal
Cody (3-y-old) and his sister Kirsten (7-y-old) found that it made an ideal team effort with Kirsten blowing the bubbles and Cody running around trying to catch them
According to Aidan
“It’s so cool that you can make bubbles with your hands like a bubbly superpower”
Check out the video of Aidan showing off his Glove-A-Bubble skills… PS. They retail for around R49 each.

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