Win glow in the dark jammies


Aidan has glow in the dark jammies and your kid could too.

If you are thinking “Wouldn’t that stimulate them and keep them up the whole night”, don’t worry, it’s not the whole onsie (glowsie) that lights up. Nope it’s just the decals, which your kid will LOVE LOVE LOVE but it wont have them buzzing.

The Glowsies are from Let’s Glow made by the super nice Louise.

She is a single mom to the nearly 7 year old Tiago and an intrepid entrepreneur.

She doesn’t only do onsies, in fact you can get a glow in the dark bedroom makeover (think curtains, teddy bears the lot) which I think is awesome because your duvet can act as a night light GENIUS!!!

(She makes loads of other things too, I’m just really into the glow in the dark stuff)

She got the idea for the glow in the dark products while sharing a room with her son. She wanted him to have a feeling of ownership.  “Sharing a room was not the most exciting thing for him with all my girly items around the room. So I wanted to create something fun just for him! So he could call moms room our room instead ,” she said.

Soon the gorgeous red headed Tigga (as he is lovingly called) had his glow in the dark dream and Louise had her dream of being a “momtrepreneur”.

She has been super kind and is offering one lucky kiddo a glowsie of his own


To enter all you have to do is follow the prompts below… For  a extra entry show Louise some love on her fb page by telling her why your little one should win over at LET’S GLOW FB


The inspiration – Tiago


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