How to make a “pictionary like” game

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For many people this time of the year is all about family fun. One of the things that has always meant family fun to me is BOARD GAMES! I love getting together and having a laugh over a game board.
I was looking for a board game that would be fun for the whole family and thought PICTIONARY!!!
But then I couldn’t find the game in store and I didn’t want to brave the malls for too long so I came up with my own version… It’s not the same but it will do. In fact I loved how it turned out so much that someone will be getting this under their tree on Friday ­čÖé

You will need:

A  dry erase board
A dry erase marker
Three draw string bags
Game print outs from THE GAME GAL
Contact plastic and scissors
Also a pen and note cards


Slip a note card inside your drawstring bag…
I made these bags, but you can buy them at any craft store
or use this TUTORIAL to make your own from old t-shirts


After you chose which three categories to print from THE GAME GAL
make a bag for each by writing on the bags (A normal gel pen works awesome with a white cotton bag, alternatively use a laundry marker)


Cut out the instructions…


Cover instructions in contact plastic


Cut out your printouts


Divide into your little baggies


There you go!!! your own “Pictionary like” game
I added a glass jar filled with popcorn to make this a fun little gift ­čÖé

Ever wonder where I make these things? Well I have a little office space, you can seeit  here

If you have any DIY’s I should have a look at please comment below I LOVE trying new things oh so much

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