How to make a pinwheel photo prop

I made a pinwheel photo prop. Why? well, I have no real use for it, BUT, I was asked to join in with the coolest collab ever. I was asked to join The Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge by my local craft crush Michelle from A Crafty Mix. This is a group of international craft bloggers who choose a different theme every month, they are so awesome and I was sort of intimidated to join in, but hey it looks like I didn’t do too bad.
 pinwheel photo prop
 This month’s theme is paper sooooo in comes the pinwheel photo prop, tutorial below:

 What  you need to make your own pinwheel photo prop

  • A photo frame (this used to be a mirror, in fact, it used to be the car mirror  I made for  Aidan’s room, which recently broke)
  • paper (I used kraft paper rolls)
  • scissors
  • adhesive (I was going to use craft glue but soon realised that double sided tape works better)
  • glitter nail polish
  • drawing pins /  thumbtacks
  • toilet paper roll tube

What to do

  • Paint the pins with glitter nail polish – the toilet roll paper roll makes painting a breeze
  • Cut squares out of paper (I used kraft paper which is rather thin.  If you want a bigger pinwheel use thicker paper)
  • Fold the squares into pinwheels…To do this, fold the paper to create four triangles (like in the picture below)
  • Use scissors to cut the folds but not all the way through you need to stop 3/4 before you reach the center
  • Now fold every second point to create a pinwheel, like in the picture below
  • Use the pins to attach the middle pieces and create a pinwheel
  • I use a small piece of foam sticker at the back to keep the pin from falling out
  • So there you have your pinwheels
  • Now attach your pinwheels to your frame, I used double-sided tape (ignore the glue in the top picture, this was before I realised that the glue would suck)
  • There you go, all done… Do check out  what the other bloggers got up to, I’m sure you will be rather impressed

7 thoughts on “How to make a pinwheel photo prop

  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    YES!!!!! I’m just so happy you joined the challenge Ella and I love what you came up with too. Aidan’s little face says it all. So darn cute. Thank so very much for saying yes to the IBC challenge my curly haired friend.

  2. Mary says:

    Welcome to the gang Ella. I love this cute project. It makes such a fun addition to the frame. And I bet you can use those pinwheels to decorate all over the house.

  3. Pili says:

    Let me show that photo prop to my daughters, they will want one too! Good thing they can make it themselves too and we have plenty of frames from our dumpster diving trips. Welcome to the group, so happy to have you!

  4. Marie-The Interior Frugalista says:

    Well, this grandma thinks your pinwheel photo prop would be perfect for my grandson and granddaughter’s rooms. Pinned to refer back to 🙂 So excited to join you in this group and get to know you. I’ve been following the monthly challenges since the beginning and can’t wait to hop on board the train in October.

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