How I’m not bored of my daily Herbalife shake yet (recipes)

The first time I  tried Herbalife it did not go nearly as well as this time around.  I got so bored of plain old vanilla shake that at some points I would down the shake like a frat boy playing some beer related game. I just needed to get it in my stomach and move on with my life. Clearly, this would not make a good lifestyle choice.

So when the Lifestyle Wellness Hub offered to sponsor product for Robin and myself for three months I knew I would need to actually live up to my end of the bargain, and give it a real try. This is where the following recipes came in as a way to keep things interesting.

They do have a ton of different flavours including chocolate and toffee apple, BUT I feel like vanilla gives me more room to play. We actually play around quite a lot based on what is on hand but these recipes are our staples.

*Disclaimer: This is for those who count calories, adding things to your shake,  ups the calorie intake. In general, a shake with just skim milk is 170cals, adding a small banana ups it by 90cals, sugar-free peanut butter by  100cals lemons by something stupid like 2cals and half a cup of berries by 40cals

As you can see the banana is the one used most often but also the highest calories so we will often skip the banana and trade it for protein drink mix. This is a Herbalife product you mix with water which gives the same thickening effect of the banana (a little more actually) but with loads more protein(15g in two scoops), it only ups the cals by 60cals (if you add one scoop like we do) and you leave out the milk which brings down the calorie count  So you will have a luxurious shake at around 130cals if you just go two scoops F1 and on scoop drink mix.

Just needed to clear that and then let you in on our shaking secrets 🙂

Banana cream (260cal)

– Formula1 shake mix
– whole small banana
– drop vanilla essence/extract
– milk/milk substitute

Berry shake (300cal)

– Formula1 shake mix
– small banana
– a hand full of your favorite frozen berries (we like blueberry)
– milk/milk substitute

Peanut butter (360cal)

– Formula1 shake mix
– small banana
– tablespoon sugar-free peanut butter
– milk/milk substitute

Frozen Lemonade (265CAL)

– Formula1 shake mix
– half a banana
– slice lemon
– ice
– milk/milk substitute

Coffee Tea (130cal)

– Formula1 shake mix
– herbalife protein powder
– chilled tea or coffee (not instant unless freeze dried)

My calorie conversions are done using fitness pal

One thought on “How I’m not bored of my daily Herbalife shake yet (recipes)

  1. Heather says:

    I used to sell Herbalife back in the day…. great product! You should try the thermajetics tea – tastes nice and helps with weight loss too. Did they only give you shake?

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