Mommy Moment Monday; Robyn

So I’m bringing back mommy moment Monday’s because I love hearing from other mom’s… I’ve changed the format though and will interview a different mom every week ๐Ÿ™‚ ย So here goes the first of the series staring my bestie, Robyn… we could not be more different if we actually physically tried, BUT we spent most of the last ten years having to help people differentiate between the two of us, no I’m not Robyn , that is, or I think you mean Eleanor, that’s her…so arb I tell you.

Robyn’s Mom story:
Brief description: me, ex journo, student teacher working towards my dream, mom of almost 3 year old twins Blake and Riley who are the light of my life, my reason for breathing and my reason for losing my mind all at once lol.
1. Tell us about the time kids made you cringe: um hard to think of just one. Recently Riley’s new fun thing to do is to ask loudly as people walk past; “whose that lady”, “whats that man”. Blake is still being potty trained and when my mom was looking after them he decided to poop in a toy colander
2. Tell us about one moment you felt like you were winning at this mommy thing:ย Whenever they get excited to see me and also when I see how they play together and you can just see how much they love each other it really warms my heart. Also we try to pray every night and before meals but in the rush of life I sometimes forget, but without fail one of them will remind me and makes me happy to be raising them with a love of the Lord
3. How has mamahood changed you/your life:ย Well for one thing my time is never really my own. Every decision is made with them in mind. Our lives are busier now and sleeping in is a distant memory. Also i used to be a lot more judgmental. Now I never give advice or my opinions. If someone asks I rather say what works for me. I now have more compassion towards other people’s journeys because “you never know what they are dealing with”. I can’t judge a mom with a screaming kid in the shop because tomorrow it could be me.
4. What do you wish you knew before: hmmmmmm. Well firstly I wish I knew that the image of perfect kids who follow instructions and have a concept of time was just an illusion lol. I cant even count the times I’ve had to say; “no Riley you can’t wear two tops and no pants”. Things change when you have strong willed kids who don’t understand you are 2 minutes from being late for work and about a minute from losing your mind and one is running around bottomless and the other one is hiding away without making a peep.

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