My crazy year in review

This year has been insane, sometimes I can’t believe that everything that happened fit into just one year, other times I can’t believe it’s been a year already… these are my highlights (or what I can remember in the middle of summer – the sun is known to negatively affect my mental faculties…SO MUCH HOT)
January – I went from doing layout for the local newspaper to starting a job as a reporter and loved it. I even got front page stories and was on the third page practically every day (a big deal for a features writer)
February – Although I loved my job I was drawn back into depression and anxiety ( I didn’t even realise what it was at first. I had dealt with it pretty well even through losing Logan, but suddenly it was overwhelming again) My Anxiety got so bad I couldn’t sleep
March I turned 30Omw how even…The anxiety never went away… But I did suddenly find myself toying with the idea of becoming a work from home mom and then I resigned WHAAAT. Oh and Aidan got two cousins, Caleb and Cruze who he loves to death now
April Aidan turned 2 (his party was a flop) and I started my new life
May I started out on my own, freelance writing and launching Oh!Boy kids and starting a gifting business with a friend
June – I bought my own domains and launched my online store also started a short course in online digital marketing
July the hustle was real, freelancing and running my business. I was contacted to lecture in communications and was learning the finer details of sewing. WAHMING was/is harder than I thought.
August – I stepped away from lecturing and went back to layout when I received an offer I couldn’t refuse… three days doing layout which would cover my main expenses while I build my business and blog the other days 🙂 I also found myself trying to find myself
September the juggle started; blogging, working and so much sewing
October – started seeing someone for my anxiety and seeing some improvement
November – feeling blessed yet bothered. Finances not where I want it but Oh!Boy gaining momentum and I can even employ someone to help
December –  overwhelmed by Christmas orders but heart so full of joy knowing that the things I made are being opened around SA this Christmas – say whaaaat?!?!
Going into Jan : I don’t think I was quite prepared for either the financial strain or the mental benefit and extra time with Aidan that my career change would bring.  I did really well in my last short course… distinction baby!!! and signed up for a short course in graphic design, which I start on Monday – these courses are all for self empowerment and I love it. I hope to grow my business in the new year and continue with you guys on the blog because through it all my one constant (not including Rob) has been this blog 🙂
What was biggest life change for you in 2015?

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