My Fry’s pie and “fish” comparison

Fry’s has many offerings, including pies and fish style fillets. This past week, with Rob eating the “real thing” and me having the Fry’s version I thought it would be interesting to compare the two.

So here we go… also allow me to tell you how my second week went….

Week two of my vegetarianism has been pretty interesting. The temptations were more than I expected and eating out was an eye opener.

I don’t miss meat much, but did have a bit of a problem at a birthday party where the snacks served looked so good I almost gave up on the challenge all together, but I persevered.

I also ended up eating out quite a bit this week and came to these conclusions…

– McDonald’s chilli cheese fries are amazing
– McDonald’s vegetarian burger would be good if they made it a little crisper
– Panarottis has awesome veggie options
– I need to do packed lunches if I don’t want to blow up due to my carb consumption… My meds make me chubs, as it is, I don’t need more things working against me.

So on to the comparisons….

What I found when comparing Fry’s Family pepper steak-style pie to the meat variety…

–  I actually like the Fry’s version more, I’ve had enough pies in my life to have a pretty decent opinion and I’m loving this one. This was not in my sponsored package, but I thought I’d try it and I’ve bought more for those days where I’m craving something meaty… That’s how good it is, it tastes meaty. The texture of the meat is even meaty (sorry I don’t know many meat related adjectives) Rob disagrees with me, but my mom thinks it’s really good. Their sauce is yum man… A win from me.

What I found when comparing Fry’s Family fish-style fillets to oven baked battered fish…

– I was not the biggest fan, I found it a tad dry, so the original would win out for me, but hold on to your hats guys… Rob actually liked it. He was a fan of the tempura batter and says that it wasn’t a bad compromise at all. Personally I’d have to have it in like a fish burger with sauce to truly “rate it” but the fishy flavor is there… I still have a few fillets left so will try and prepare it differently and let you know if it was less dry.

So that’s week two for you… honestly the longer I do this the more normal it becomes so I might just incorporate this meat free lifestyle going forward – especially as Aidan is loving the “mommy doesn’t eat meat either” thing. I’m not making any promises yet though… Can I be a week time vegetarian and eat meat on weekends, is that a thing? Can I make it a thing?

(click HERE to see how last week went)
(click HERE for Frys family recipes… They sponsored me with a bunch of things to try out so will be sharing more here and on social media)

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