My health, and my brand (things undergoing big changes)

I thought I’d update you guys about what is happening in my life.
Mainly because my blog has always been cathartic to me, it is where I put my thoughts into words…and boy do I ever have thoughts

Firstly I turned 36 last month and reflected on this life change with this instagram post.

Just looking back on all the lives I’ve lived up to this point. Then boom my life took a turn.

I had lost 15kgs, had international business opportunities, had reversed my type2 diabetes, and was taken off hypertension meds. My antidepressants and anxiety meds were finally syncing up and I managed to find a way to exercise every day. Things were coming up Eleanor – I even had newfound confidence which you can see through all the videos I had been uploading onto social media.

Then comes the aforementioned boom. I feel fluey and just can’t shake it. Blood work reveals my iron stores are now non-existent (something that needs to be 120+ is 7 – I forget what, I have seen too many test results at this point). I buy meds with money I don’t have, but I still feel under the weather. Now my fitness watch keeps saying my oxygen levels are in the red. Weird right. So I tell my Dr. who says, I should swing by, “let’s see if my fitness watch is on the fritz by checking it against her equipment”.

Uhm then, suddenly I’m being booked into hospital. Apparently being so tired, you can’t get through your day is not normal, passing out is not on the positive side of the scale (especially after the expensive meds), neither are daily headaches, body pain, and unexplained purple bruising. The Doctors aren’t too chuffed about the near-constant nauseated feelings I experience either.

So there I find myself in hospital (for ten days) on a constant IV (I’m not a fan of having to be unplugged to use the bathroom, especially since they injected me with a diuretic so I need the bathroom ALL THE TIME). During my time there I had a CT scan, another type of scan, a liver biopsy, 25 vials of blood sent for testing,12 injections in my back, and 8 in my scalp. Some medical staff jokingly called me Grey’s Anatomy or House because my illness was such a mystery (also because I started the joke). My veins were not cooperating so I left looking like a pin cushion as the IV kept having to get moved and all the vials of blood could not be filled from one spot. I’m still sort of eina at the thought.

Turns out I have liver damage, very low iron, tension headaches and most alarmingly I have a super rare genetic disorder – I know, my body is so dramatic right!

Turns out I have IgA vasculitis (formerly known as Henoch Schönlein purpura) a form of blood vessel swelling, also known as vasculitis. It affects the small vessels called capillaries in the skin and the kidneys. The swelling is due to an abnormal response of the immune system. This is due to the immune system product called IgA immunoglobulin.

Symptoms include reddish-purple spots on the lower extremities, swollen and sore joints, abdominal pain, or bloody urine. It usually happens in kids and then they outgrow it but since I’m an adult chances are it’s with me for life. My kidneys seem 100% fine though and instead, I’m currently waiting to hear just how messed up my liver is.

So what’s happening now? I’m waiting for more test results then I start treatment. My condition will be managed and I don’t know what else. I take some strong as heck pain meds and am on so many vitamins, it’s insane.

I’m okay though just sore and tired. Which quite frankly I have been for months, I just did not realise that this was not normal. I can’t really exercise. I’m an expert at the corpse pose in yoga though. 10 out of 10.

I’m back working for my biggest client (despite losing 2 weeks of income). I am yet to hear back from the international clients.

The brand changes I’m referring to are, a blog look update, more food, and DIY content, and hopefully more motivational content. I have also changed how my business EllaBellaBags operates. I have gone from being a monthly pre-curated service to a gifting business. So now if you want to thank your bridesmaids or spoil your mom you can get in touch with me and I will set up a bag for your budget and your taste. I am yet to announce this. I’m tired, cut me some slack.

I also really want to write a book, guys. Remember when I first wanted to do that. Well, that passion is back, I need to be an author

I’ve decided to go back on YouTube soon as well. I love sharing people’s stories and I think a YouTube channel will help me do that.

Well that’s it, that is Eleanor in April 2021. Who knows what the world plans on throwing at me in the future, but right now, right here I choose to be positive.

One thought on “My health, and my brand (things undergoing big changes)

  1. Melissa Javan says:

    I’m sitting at the edge of my seat here while reading this. Sjoe girl, this is a lot. But your attitude, love it, keep it up. You still making House/ Greys Anatomy jokes while being poked with needles lol.

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