My morning boost – Nutella, banana smoothie

With the days getting hotter oats is just not cutting it as breakfast food so in comes the smoothie, in about five minutes each morning I whip one up with only four everyday ingredients and I get a large dose of calcium, potassium and a whole lot of yum 🙂


You need:
– 1 large or two small frozen bananas (cut them up before you freeze them, it makes things sooo much easier)
– a table spoon of nutella (the spoon you are likely to put in your mouth does not count)
– a drizzle of honey (yes that is not an accurate measurement)
– a cup of milk (you might want to ad more if you prefer a thinner consistency)

You do:
Add all ingredients to a small jug, stick in your hand blender and that’s it 🙂
the frozen bananas have an ice-cream like consistency when blended so no thickeners like yogurt needed


It comes out to around 300cals which is not exactly a diet drink but it’s yummy and you can afford extra calories in the morning

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