My first ever vegan shopping list

Never in my life have I thought I’d use the words vegan shopping list unless I was making up a metaphor… as boring as a vegan shopping list or as expensive as a vegan shopping list.

But being meat-free since October has changed my mindset and I’ve realized that plant-based isn’t as boring or expensive as I thought. With the veganuary challenge ridiculously close I needed to pick up some things and I thought I’d share my basics with you.

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Vegetarian Christmas lunch ideas

Are you looking for vegetarian Christmas lunch ideas? Look no further, I’ve got you covered.

A South African Christmas lunch (as I know it) is basically a feast of meat with a few vegetable afterthoughts so knowing that I’m primarily plant based I needed to do some googling so I don’t end up eating nothing but garnish.

Luckily Fry’s has a bunch of great recipes that are celebration ready

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Meat free ways to up your protein intake

When considering going Vegan the question “how do you up your protein intake?” always comes up. Well it did when I invited you guys to join the Veganuary challenge with me.

So I did some research into Vegan protein options because quite frankly I’ve been relying on eggs and dairy and I did not know the answer to the “up your protein intake without involving animals” question.

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