How being honest is helping my anxiety

I live with clinical depression and anxiety, some say probably ADHD too, but I’m undiagnosed with that one. All I know is my life is a balance of going between depressed and anxious. I’ve been asked why I’m so open about it and honestly, it took a while for me to be able to say it out loud. But now, much like my type2 diabetes and osteoarthritis , I know it’s not who I am, it’s just a glitch in my matrix and I have no shame in it, in fact I’m proud that sharing my story has helped others.

I know some people think that it’s just a way for me to try and get attention. As if being an English speaking coloured girl with an afro and quirky mannerisms in a small primarily Afrikaans town wasn’t getting me enough attention already. But the “I was suicidal and found your posts” DMs make up for the ignorance. En is groot mense was sulke twak praat ( this nonsense of attention-seeking comes from adults)

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Vegan not Vegan (when not everyone is going plant based)

When I decided to do the Veganuary challenge my husband basically said… I’m supporting you, but I’m not joining you. Which is quite honestly… Fair enough.

So I thought I’d share a week of suppers to show you what “support, but not joining” looks like in our house. I get many DMs where people say they fear that it would be a giant hassle if everyone isn’t on the same menu… But truth be told it is super doable

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Which Fry’s products I’m always stocked up on

Since I started working with Fry’s in 2019 I have been singing their praises. Which led to people asking me in the DM’s and in real life if I was really a fan or was all the love because I was working with them. So I’m here to set the record straight.

Firstly, totally not offended by the line of questioning. I mean it stands to reason that I would be kinder about a company that pays me (sponsored posts) than one that doesn’t. I do however tell every brand who I work with that I intend to be super transparent because

  1. I really value the trust my readers/followers have in me
  2. I’m a journalist by trade and by nature so the truth comes first
  3. I’m an extremely anxious person so if anyone caught me drinking, lets say, coke after I said I hate coke, I will need 5 to 7 days to recover and then one night 5 years from now I will wake up feeling like a coke liar (it is what it is)
  4. My readers will check me on it if I’m not honest
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