How to protect the pout (new lip products)

Do you use special lip products? I started using lipstick (as in not just nude lip gloss) around my  30th birthday as a way of embracing my “fuller lips”  Growing up I did not like my lips, in fact   I HATED IT  but I’ve grown to like them even though they are still 3/4 of my face. Having fuller lips for all of my life,  I know that it is a rather noticeable feature, this is why I make sure to take extra care of my lips and I think I have found the lip products that really work for me.

Guys most of my face is lips so I can’t be outchea looking ashy. These proudly South African lip products have me so confident in my lips that I can put on lipstick and claim that I am practically wearing a full face of make-up.

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How to play with your preschooler without losing your mind

If you follow me on social media (you totally should) you might know that Aidan and I spend a lot of time playing together (parents of onlies can relate – not that other parents don’t play with their  kids but if there  are no siblings you automatically become Player 2)  people have remarked that they can’t see themselves playing with their kid like that without getting super bored…so I thought why not share the secret to not going off your rocker playing with your preschooler


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My accidental hair win with BLM Naturals

What is BLM Naturals? Well, Black Like Me has always made me think relaxer/perm/straightener. Have I ever used BLM products? Nope, but you don’t have to use Dawn to know that it’s synonymous with a body lotion. So when I heard they had gone natural I rolled my eyes almost as much as I do when people insinuate that my hair is a “trend thing”. NO GURL I looked like this way before looking like this was cool…anyhow

I saw one of my favourite South African hair bloggers (Sean goes natural) talk about how great the BLM Naturals curling pudding is and I thought I would try it out, since her hair is the closest to mine found on the interwebs. Also it’s like R40 a tub which is literally less than half of what I usually pay for curling products and we all know I like to save money. So I go to Clicks and grab the pudding, only I didn’t

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Guilt…my other middle name

I am almost always covered in a thin layer of guilt. a film of guilt floats on top of the ocean of my soul as if I have had an oil spill and now have a bunch of helpful vegetarians on gap year trying to save penguins in the inner recesses of my mind.

I was reading this meme yesterday that said something like “stop being friends with people who don’t check up on you regularly”. I’m one of those people, I envisioned every friend, family member and acquaintance unfriending me in real life after reading that. See I’m not good with keeping in touch. I mean we already established that I’m a sucky friend. So the guilt is somewhat warranted. 

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Budget decor…big boy room edition

I recently did some budget decor in Aidan’s room because he will be five this year and still had a nappy bin in his room. CRAZY! Right?  I did it all with minimal cost, because quite frankly I don’t like wasting money and also seldom have money to waste. Here are some tips when looking to update a room on a budget…please check out the video below and let me know if you would like me to do any DIY posts based on anything you see.

Before anything else let me just give a quick shout-out to some sponsors who made this room possible. The Letterlady, Kooshtoosh, Prominent paints and Popsiebelle

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