Thankful Tuesday…On Logan’s 5th anniversary

Thankful Tuesday is a weird way to commemorate the anniversary of my son’s death.

Especially weird since I’m not feeling super thankful, I’m feeling like a sea sponge left in the mid-summer sun, all dry inside from too much crying and exhausted from all the feels.

He is officially gone for five years now, five Easters, five Christmases, five birthdays, countless milestones.

So what’s with all this thankful malarky?

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Gillian Joy’s curly girl countdown

Today’s curly girl is Gillian Joy Titus of  Joy’s Truths. She is my ultimate hair crush guys, she is LITTERALLY #GOALS

I was first “introduced” to Gillian on Ruth’s blog it was such a touching post that I started following her all over social media, and then I was introduced to THAT HAIR and then I saw her again on these hair forums and she said she loved my hair and used some of my tips and that’s like when your favourite singer says “hey girl I love the way you sing” Meanwhile,   I might have worn her down and now we are friends on social media…I do that if I like people, I wear them down joe!

Here is what today’s curly girl has to say

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Tabu Bar and Lounge in my opinion

We tried out Tabu Bar and Lounge at the Radisson Blu and found that fine dining with a view is totally possible without having to take out a loan.

The first time I saw Tabu Bar , I was a newly appointed reporter covering a photo shoot. The beautiful interior and amazing view made me think…One day Elle, one day you will move up from Wacky Wednesday at Steers and be able to eat at a place like this.

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