Kid-friendly Halloween movies

Why would I share a list of kid-friendly Halloween movies? well mainly because when it comes to Halloween themed movies I’m a wimp. Scary movies are not my thing. (Sneaking into the TV room to watch Freddy Kruger was one of my dumbest childhood moves). I want to start a Halloween movie tradition with the boys and figured this calls for “Halloween movies” minus the scare factor.

I’m not big on Halloween, I’ve shared some treat and snack DIYS in the past, but we don’t make a big deal out of it. However the boys want to celebrate, so I thought, why not just do snacks, low key costumes and when it gets dark use the projector to play a Halloween movie on the side of the house – it could become our little tradition.

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Free, anonymous webinar about mental health

It is mental health awareness month and you are invited to a completely free webinar, which you can even attend anonymously.

 For many of us, every day is technically mental health awareness day. I’ve chatted about my own struggles at length and have been blessed with many DMs from people telling me they can relate, with that in mind I thought I’d share some important info that popped into my inbox this week.

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