Arguing with a 4-year-old

This past weekend I was getting some work done when my 4-year-old and I ended up in a bit of a heated debate.  I typed up as much as I could remember verbatim because, when he is older I want him to see what he put me through;

I know some of this might sound “above his years” but as the first time mother of a 4-year-old I’m not really sure what they should sound like…he mostly sounds like a mashup of the Lego song, Everything is Awesome, the My Little Pony theme song and the PJ Mask theme song. (he is always humming/singing one of them)

I have heard that he is quite a precocious 4-year-old though and you can HEAR him for real on our YouTube channel…Anyway here is what happend.

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Homemade cream cheese in a jiffy

Homemade cream cheese seems like it would be a costly process right? all curds and whey and a muffet on tuffet? Not this recipe, it’s ridiculously easy.

A friend of mine gave me this recipe at a Mexican night, ages ago and now I make it on the regular, because it tastes amazing, looks fancy and is cheap. Man I love fancy things that don’t cost fancy money.

I’m not sure if you can legitimately call it cream cheese but  I do because it’s richer than cottage cheese.

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Until debt do you part…monthly budgeting tips

Everyone can do with monthly budgeting tips? Am I right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like the lyrics to Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible; “There’s no telling where the money went” 

You know how everyone has that friend who can stretch a buck? like how did you get two shopping bags for the money I used to get half a bag? That friend?… Well mine is Venean of In The Meantime blog.  Yes I have friends despite being a sucky friend. 

TodayVenean shares some money saving tips with us… and she really has some good ones

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Dear friend, I’m sorry I’m a sucky friend

I’m a sucky friend, not by design, not on purpose, but in the same breath I’m not likely to do much to change it right now. Not out of spite, just out of not being sure how I would.

I did not always have many friends, then suddenly God was like hey open your eyes and I realised how lucky I was, how extremely blessed I was in the friendship department…the thing is I don’t know that I’m as much of a blessing myself.

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Our Faithful to Nature haul and a chance to win a R1000 voucher

I was recently introduced to Faithful to Nature, an online store no one told me about because they assumed my chia and organic coconut loving self must have known about it.

Faithful to Nature is an online store that sells natural and organic products and even checks every product to make sure it is as green and safe as the manufacturers claim.

faithful to nature

I was recently given a voucher from them to go wild in their store and test out some of their products YEAH ME!!! I decided to let the boys in on the fun and these are our top pics…Three from each of us with a YouTube video at the end of our complete haul.

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