Tips for dealing with bullying in kids – from model, Jethro Jaftha

Cape Town-based model Jethro Jaftha struggled with bullying since a very young age “because I looked different from other children in my neighbourhood” (hard relate). He now uses his fame and influence to speak about the dangers of bullying.

The Civil Engineering student who has worked with big names such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Moncler, has shared some tips with us on how to deal when you suspect your child is being bullied.

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My first Uitenhage event is beauty themed and ready to roll

So you may have heard that I’ve teamed up with Agape Coffee Shop in Uitenhage to host #uthexperience events every month for the rest of the year. The first event is on August 9 and we are ready to roll.

So what is Uitenhage experiencing first? A beauty basics class and mini photo exhibition brought to you by a bunch of amazing women, on woman’s day nogal and completely coincidental.

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The low down on essential oils for winter

Because I am very open about my use of essential oils I’m often asked all kinds of questions regarding the use of oils…but because I’m basically only google certified and don’t want to have anyone injured on my watch, I thought I’d ask an expert

So I called on, mom, wellness guide and oil expert, Carlene Muilwyk to answer some questions around which essential oils we should be stocking up on during winter. (check my social media to see how you can win my favourites)

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