Will an Insurance broker, leave me broker?

I heard about Incompass Insurance Consultants recently and wondered if it is something I need…am I at Consultant level in my life now? My immediate response is; No,  I can’t afford my current life, I can’t be adding things, but recently my house has been falling apart piece by piece and the excess has been in excess so I am reconsidering my stance.

Right now I need to replace a fridge, stove, TV and I have water damage, and I don’t even have enough coverage to burn the whole thing down and start from scratch (not that I’d do anything like that, I married a straight laced cop and 85% of the people I know are journalists) Just saying, the whole thing had me thinking that maybe I needed a consultant, someone who could have been a little clearer with me from day one.

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Going 50 Shades in decor (Easy furniture white washing)

When I received an email with the words 50 Shades Freed, I was intrigued. Even though I am yet  to watch a 50 Shades of anything movie or read any of the books I have not been living under a rock so the term is super recognizable, so what did Prominent paints have in mind here? Decorating one of those “entertainment rooms” I’ve heard about maybe, eish not my speed.

Turns our the focus was on different shades of grey, which I can totally get behind as it’s probably  my favourite colour in the world. They gave me a voucher and sent me off in search of my top picks out of way more than 50 Shades of grey.

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