Charity Focus: QVDBF feeds 2 500 families

QVDBF is the Quinton van der Burgh Foundation, and they are the first focus of my new Charity focus section. The world is such an ugly place sometimes, from war, poverty, and practically daily mass shootings, I think it’s important to focus on those trying to make a difference.

I want to keep this going so please email me or comment with organisations doing something so we can all get some much-needed positivity in life.

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Mushroom pasta bake recipe

Just here to share our mushroom pasta bake recipe. It is also pretty easy to make vegetarian for plant-based eaters.

It should be noted that we are in no way shape or form professional chefs. As a couple, Rob and I just like trying out different food and sharing our finds, so that is what you get here… Some budget meals that don’t look or feel like budget meals.

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Talking gut health with Euodia Samson

South African actress Euodia Samson, doesn’t make me think… healthy gut, nope she 100% makes me think Arendsvlei, Tussen Duiwels and more recently the Netflix original, Angeliena.

What many don’t know is that she is also a Tension and Trauma Release Therapist and an Integrated Wellness Consultant – with a passion for simple, delicious food that promotes health, in fact she has just released her first cookbook, Heal Your Gut.

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