Tips for coping with a heavy workload

Writing a post on coping with a heavy workload sounds funny, like. What do you know girly?  Your Netflix and wine, after crying in the shower regime is hardly a productive thing you should be sharing with people. BUT since these are not my only coping mechanisms let me share…

First things first what is this heavy workload I’m coping with, well I’m planning a family fair, I’m working in an office doing design work, I’m writing for an online bar service in the UK (the bar is not online, don’t be silly) and a US content creation firm,  I am also doing some advertising writing locally and helping out with a woman’s day event and hand paint wooden accessories as party favors and gifts…so the struggle, she is real, no he is real, why must the problems be female #staywoke (joking guys…don’t crucify me)

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My sugar-free bargain finds

My whole life seems to be sugar-free right now so isn’t it fitting to bring back one of my most popular series, with a sugar-free twist.

I did a little poll a while ago asking if you guys would like me to do my cheap things I love series again… You know like THIS ONE and THIS ONE  The answer was a overwhelming yes, so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharing a list of great bargain finds but this time we go sugar-free

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A reward for the suckier side of pregnancy

It may be quite a while since I was last pregnant so the memories might be foggy…but from what I can remember not every day was as magical as the ads in baby mags would have you believe.

With this in mind I have a great prize for two new or expecting moms…because sometimes you need a little something for you. Can you even remember the last time someone asked you how YOU were without meaning the baby/pregnancy.

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