Attempting a zero waste Christmas

So we are attempting a zero waste Christmas. I say attempting because I don’t see how completely zero waste would be achievable unless I was living 100% off the grid. But when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, every little bit helps.

The Sustainable Seas Trust contacted me about doing a Masterclass on the subject, this was incredibly daunting, but I love the work they do and gave it a shot… The video is below…but here are some of the tips I shared

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Tips and Stretches to help with Backache

Do any of you need help with backache? Or are you young? I have been struggling with backache for a while now, it is part osteoarthritis and part overall unfitness. So, I was excited to find that Sela had a tea for this, but like I said before I believe in a holistic approach to things so apart from drinking Sela’s backache tea, I also chatted to a personal trainer and got some very valuable tips and a video specially for us.

Nadine Lahana is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer who I happened to meet at a mutual friend’s braai one time and begged her for her salad recipe (as one does). She gave me the recipe back then, and this week she shares tips for helping relieve backache – she is generous like that.

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