5 ways to support a loved one with cancer

I feel compelled to start this post with the words… I am not pretending to be a cancer expert in any way shape or form (you know for the people who can find fault in everything)

I was recently asked to speak at a cancer event because I’m one of a billion people on earth who may not be afflicted by cancer, but they are definitely affected… So I jotted down ways to support a loved one with cancer (or any life threatening illness really) and I thought I’d share it here too.

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Vegetarian party snack ideas from your Supermarket

So why am I doing a post on vegetarian party snack ideas? Well as you might remember I am vegetarian for the month, and also the festive season seems to have started early…This means I’ve found myself staring down a lot of cocktail tomatoes lately.

I don’t like to be THAT friend, requesting a menu of my own, so I’m more than willing to bring an extra plate of things to supplement the spread. But, I’m also lazy hence making a list of snack ideas from the Supermarket, aka things that don’t take a lot of time to prepare.

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