Win a Popsiebelle Easter Surprise

Aidan has been playing with some Popsiebelle products and so could you.

In honour of Easter weekend Popsiebelle is giving away a Mr and a  Miss Hoppet, one for little a boy and one for a little girl 🙂  (You guys  know I don’t  care about gender norms so if a boy wants Miss Hoppit, that works too)

When I first started chatting to the owner of Popsiebelle, Ingrid Frauenstein , neither of us knew that we were chatting from the same city, Port Elizabeth. Once we figured that out, we met over coffee and totally clicked. The ridiculously talented, Ingrid (she conceptualises, draws and designs everything herself) and I chatted about the importance of playtime and imagination and I learned about the origins of Popsiebelle

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Waffle birthday cake and other waffle tricks

I made a waffle birthday cake! Aidan doesn’t like traditional cakes so I’ve had to learn to be creative. Last year he had a donut cake and this year (the year of the waffle) I made a cake using his favourite two food groups…waffles and sprinkles

waffle birthday cake

Aidan’s birthday party was courtesy of Riempies and Monkey Magic PE who heard about Aidan’s birthday fails up till this point and gave us a venue and made it beautiful (the R100 voucher at Monkey Magic still stands for the month, btw). As always I wanted to be hands on and apart from the party packs and party food I opted to make the cake myself…third year running 🙂


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Happy birthday Aidy – you are my hope (party pics)

I’ve been running on reserves when it come to hope. I’m not in the best mood,   but again, who is? The world’s news headlines read like we are being run by comic book villains and South Africa’s finances are on par with mine…junk.

Things could be so much better BUT there is this glimmer of hope there is this niggling feeling at the back of my mind, a feeling that things will be okay.

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Party in a box…DIY party for the DIY impaired

I got a Monkey Magic party in a box for my Aidan’s party and although it is a little like going against the glitter and glue in my veins to not DIY everything myself, it just felt like the best option.

Even with my love of all thing DIY,  the lack of time  has gotten the better of me lately, I just don’t have the time to do ANYTHING. Guys, I have been brushing my teeth in the shower to shave 5min off my morning routine. So when I found out about Tanya Bekker from Monkey Magic Functions’ Party in a Box option I jumped at the chance to work with her for Aidan’s party. Because this way I could still be hands on with regards to theme and where I want everything BUT I don’t have to physically cut and paste everything myself. I’m still making things like crayon thank you gifts though.

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Give your kid’s crayons a second life (DIY)

I made 100 crayon hearts? Is there a reason for this? Well actually I don’t ever need a reason to DIY or recycle BUT yes there is a reason…Aidan’s birthday party


It’s Aidan’s birthday  soon so you can expect a bunch of pre-birthday posts. He has had a few birthday fails  in his life; Like when the cake fell over on his first birthday , the party venue forgot about him on his second and he got sick on his  third so this year I teamed up with some awesome industry professionals to give him a proper party … holding all kinds of thumbs on this one…but first things first here is how I made his thank you gifts …it is super easy and practically free.

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