DIY hair gel in 10 minutes (cheap and really works)

I have been using DIY hair gel for the last two weeks and I am OBSESSED

I had seen a bunch of curly girls rave about DIY hair gel on social media, but quite frankly I thought they were taking this natural movement to the extreme, because who has the time and energy to make their own DIY hair gel, conditioner, masks and whatever? (go suffer buyers remorse at Clicks and Dischem like the rest of us!) I wondered, who are these people? but now, I am these people – since I found out the benefits of Flaxseed gel on your hair and also how cheap the seeds are and easy the gel is to make.

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5 ways to fake being fancy.

Have you ever doubted your level of fancy. Does your love of a bargain and no name brand snacks radiate off you as you enter a room?

I was having a laugh with a few friends (Eridene mainly) recently. Talking about times we needed to “act fancy” when we didn’t feel it in the slightest. We were drinking rather expensive whiskey at the time wondering if anyone would notice if we added some juice…

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Tricks to getting glammed up – out of your handbag

I’m not sure why I thought of doing a glammed up post today. I sure am not looking super glam , but the thing is, if I had to I could. No I am not just being full of myself, this is a time tested “template” which I figured I’d share because, I’m a sharer like that.

First the back story. I live “out of town” by “out of town” I mean a good drive in and out to the office every day. So when I was a lifestyle reporter (and even now as a blogger) going home to get dressed up for a function would mean too much time and hassle (also petrol is expensive) , because of this I learnt to get glammed up in places like, mall bathrooms, the back seat of the car and even an abandoned office. What used to be a clumsy hope and prayer situation has been fine tuned and these are my tips.

Why would you need these tips? Because you never know when you need to be glammed up in a pinch, that’s why

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Come see Dalin Oliver’s new show with me

Comedian Dalin Oliver is back in town and Rob and I are super ready to make a date night out of it! Anyone want to join us? Not like join us, join us, kind of go on their own respective date night that just happens to be on the same date.  What I am trying to ask is; who wants to win tickets to Dalin Oliver’s Face for Radio show on September 28? (Jip that way sounds less like solicitation)

The last time Dalin Oliver was in town I thought that he was fairly new to the SA comedy scene, fresh from being a “failed teacher” and finding his feet on stage. But quite honestly his talent shone through right from the start. This is when I did some research and found out that between 2011 and 2013 he had been sharing the stage and touring as an opening act with industry stalwarts such as Riaad Moosa, Barry Hilton and Stuart Taylor as well as performing at the Vodacom Funny Festival and Community Road Show.

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