A little bout of Emotion Sickness

On days like today I wish I could go into my old photos and pull loved ones out…I’d have tea with my gran, chat with my Godmother,attend an event with Mso, finally watch that Bollywood marathon with Kayla and cuddle Logan…I’d even let Rob’s dad tease me one more time…If I had this magic photo […]

Poof there went my holiday…

The moms and babas, from left: Busi and Lilitha (Lilli and Aidan share a birthday),Me and Aidan, Carmen and Jayce, Lyndall and Gia, Leigh and Jude, Bonnie and Ethan, Tarryn and twins Jesse and Joel…Host of the event, Robyn, infront with her twins Blake and Riley – Members, Vuyo(baby Yongama), Adele (baby Gabriel) and Danielle […]

4 months!!!

Four months have gone by so fast and just yesterday I was holding Aidan and couldn’t believe how far we have come… Here is this month’s catch up: APPEARANCE: Still not sure of Aidan’s eye colour but his hair has gone from slightly wavy to crazy curly, decided not to cut it, I like the […]

My 3 month old :)

How is Aidan 3 months already?! Where had time gone? Here is this month’s catch up; APPEARANCE: Still not sure of Aidan’s eye or hair colour, seems to change often..he is a big boy and is completely out of newborn clothes and many of the 0-3 pieces are becoming too small now too. PERSONALITY: Although […]

A new home for my mind

    My blog has a new look 🙂 Why? well because my life has a new look. It feels in many ways that since Logan died my life has gone into technicolour. My highs are higher and my lows are lower, in general everything is just more and I thought my blog should portray […]