Logan’s butterfly

I know I owe pics but turns out co-ordinating a challenge with a group of ppl from all over, is more difficult than I thort: And anyway I have something else to share today: I have a GIANT tree in front of my house, it’s my favourite place and perfect for reflecting and just being […]

Another day without Logan

Another day of people pointing a questioning finger at my stomach (“weren’t you pregnant the other day”, they laugh, expecting a glowing new mom ready to show off pictures, not a grieving mom, wondering if she can make it through the day) Another day of people talking to me, trying hard to ignore the elephant in […]

Logan’s wall

So yesterday was a bad one, I woke up missing Logan so much! I struggled to get out of bed and I guess the stormy weather didn’t help much (cold + healing incision = OUCHY). I spent a lot of time just thinking of my little boy and surfing the net looking at blogs of […]

Losing Logan

Our baby died, it’s a hard message to convey,surreal, unbelievable, scary.Logan was with us for just a day and a half, that’s it, he was loaned to us and was so special God couldn’t bare to be apart from him.Last time I updated I was soooo excited about doing a 4d scan, we would finally […]

Unexpected inspiration from Miracles From Heaven

I watched Miracles From Heaven on Netflix and I’m feeling rather inspired. It’s a movie based on the true story of the Beam family, whose ten-year-old daughter Annabel was dying from a rare gastric condition. The family went through financial difficulties, personal issues and a child who literally asked God to take her so she could be […]