Lessons from motherhood

Today I want to humbly apologise for any harsh judgements I might have made regarding unruly kids. Naturally  I would never voice my opinion out loud (my mother taught me better than that) but I won’t lie…I have looked at unruly kids in shops and restaurants and wondered why their mothers allowed that…*pause to laugh* […]

Mommy moment Monday: Revinia

Today’s mommy is one of my oldest and dearest friends, most people assume we are related as she’s younger than me, but we spent tons of time together growing up…We are kinda cousins by choice, hehe. One of those friends who comes over and all we do is watch YouTube with wine 🙂I also happen […]

Mommy Moment; What I learn’t

It is Mommy Moment Monday, like last week , remember… This week’s question is1. How has becoming a mom changed your life? Eleanor and Aidan You know all about me already…  Being a mom changed my life: There are the annoying things like, I can never just leave the house and everything is a mission now, my […]

An award for little old me :)

So I got my second Liebster Award!!! I have noticed that all my favourite blogs are Liebstered out , so I’m not nominating, instead just going around liking their pages (those I haven’t already) I decided to answer Leigh from TheMommyDiaries questions though because I am just that honoured to be nominated by her – […]