Life in pics

Saw this banner on my way to CT and I am hoping to live like this as much as I can Love this picture so much!  it’s really a shot between Rob and Aidan pulling faces at me but I can pretend that it’s just a nice photo moment Guess who tuned one cute minion […]

When the baby talks back

Aidan will be three in April and is such a chatterbox… I thought I’d share some of his comments with you guys πŸ™‚ Disclaimer: He replaces the R sound with L and when there is a L in a word he just skips it, hahaha -(While watching TV) I can’t see nicely I maybe need […]

The truth behind my #2015bestnine

I did a looking back post yesterday πŸ™‚ and then noticed Instagram was doing some looking back of its own with the #2015bestnine posts, basically showing your most popular pics for the year – You can find yours here by the way – I checked out mine and decided to share the stories behind my […]

Craft hacks for kids

Aidan is two and a half which is roughly the same amount of time he has been involved in arts and crafts.He honestly loves creating and when he saw the Santa Sack I made him (I also happen to be selling these through Oh!Boy) he immediately asked if Santa could fill it with crayons and glue – […]