Beach/pool tips and a chance to win (Spurt)

Want to win some kids swimming accessories from Spurt? As I settle in to a new work year with decreased beach time I thought I would pay it forward and give you guys some beach/pool tips and the chance to win a swim hamper for your kid… The guys over at Spurt  were super generous in […]

Tips for coping with a heavy workload

Writing a post on coping with a heavy workload sounds funny, like. What do you know girly?  Your Netflix and wine, after crying in the shower regime is hardly a productive thing you should be sharing with people. BUT since these are not my only coping mechanisms let me share… First things first what is […]

Tips for choosing a guardian for your child

Have you chosen a guardian for your child/children?  What happens to them when you die?  We haven’t and that’s really not smart. It’s not like Rob and I aren’t aware of our mortality…we have lost so many loved ones in a short period of time that we are way more aware of our mortality than […]

Tips for taking pics of kids

I take pics of kids…Well these days I take pic of kid (Aidan) with some cameo appearances. In the past I used to take pics of kids a lot as you can see on My Photography Blog. After starting an Instagram account for Aidan I’ve been asked how I get such good pics of him – the […]