Dealing with grief in kids

Dealing with grief in kids is super tricky. My great grandfather passed away recently and it’s been difficult for the boys. I thought I’d share how we are dealing with grief in kids in terms of everything from breaking the news to including them in traditions.

The story behind my tattoos

So when it comes to tattoos I find that you get two kinds of people, those who don’t want you enquiring about their ink because it’s deeply personal and others who love to share… Guess which one my oversharing behind is… Now that I’ve gone over the “just one Lil tattoo” mark. I thought I’d […]

Unexpected inspiration from Miracles From Heaven

I watchedย Miracles From Heavenย on Netflix and I’m feeling rather inspired. It’s a movie based on the true story of the Beam family, whose ten-year-old daughter Annabel was dying from a rare gastric condition. The family went through financial difficulties, personal issues and a child who literally asked God to take her so she could be […]

33 notes to myself on my birthday…

Today is my 33rd birthday and it seems weird because quite frankly 33 is an adult age and I suck at adulting. In fact, I posted the note below onย  Instagram yesterday and a lot of you agreed with me, so at leastย I know it’s not just me.In all honesty, I don’t really know how […]

My son is mourning a sibling he never knew

Seeing your child mourning is sad, the scary part is the fact that he is mourning a sibling who died before (in all honesty) he (Aidan I mean) was even a consideration. On what should have been Logan’s birthday I am looking at my living son, and I’m worried about this state of mourning he […]