My first mother’s day sucked

My first two Mother’s Days sucked… They sucked hard and I know I’m not the only one to share this sentiment. Their stories might be different but I know many woman don’t have the breakfast in bed, loved up, Mother’s Day advertising would have us believe we deserve.

My plus sized problem

Plus sized fashion? What is that even? Is it like a sub-section of fashion for those that don’t fit? For those who burst out at the seams of norm maybe? After gaining weight, I think I subconsciously started believing; “fashion is no longer for you girly”…  

Appreciating the mess

I miss having a clean “adult house”. These days I feel like I’m living with Aidan as his things take over our living space. But right now as I type this I have a new appreciation for the mess and here is why … I appreciate it because my son is here to make it, […]


  In 2012 we had to say goodbye to our first born son Logan Allan Meyers after just two days over the last few years I have written about him and you can see those posts HERE