Party with Levi

This year on what would have been Logan’s 4th birthday another little boy was celebrated…Levi His birth to friend andย colleague,ย Catherine, and her husband Nick was a little bit of a turning point for me lastย year. Knowing how much they wanted this child and how blessed they all are to have each other somehow took some […]

Life in pics

Saw this banner on my way to CT and I am hoping to live like this as much as I can Love this picture so much!  it’s really a shot between Rob and Aidan pulling faces at me but I can pretend that it’s just a nice photo moment Guess who tuned one cute minion […]

Today I chose to be a little sad

Sometimes I think I miss the early stages of grieving…I miss it being completely okay to break down because “it is still raw and  you’re allowed to lose it a little”. I also feel like giving birth while my God mother was being buried robbed me of grieving for her so there is a deep […]

My crazy year in review

This year has been insane, sometimes I can’t believe that everything that happened fit into just one year, other times I can’t believe it’s been a year already… these are my highlights (or what I can remember in the middle of summer – the sun is known to negatively affect my mental faculties…SO MUCH HOT) […]

When the worst thing happens…Mechelle’s story

Today is the second in my No Fear just Faith series, last week  I shared Claricia’s Story of dealing with cancer and all the associated emotions…Today’s story is a little different but fundamentally the same, a dear friend, Mechelle shares the story of being the mother of a toddler, pregnant and widowed before 30 and […]