Why I’m a vegetarian this month

Really Eleanor, vegetarian? So if you know me/my blog you would know that I like challenges, so you would not be too far off if you guessed that me going vegetarian had something to do with world vegetarian day (today) and month (October).

But it’s a little deeper than that because it has to do with my six-year-old son who tearfully became a vegetarian at the age of two because he figured out where meat came from.

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My first Uitenhage event is beauty themed and ready to roll

So you may have heard that I’ve teamed up with Agape Coffee Shop in Uitenhage to host #uthexperience events every month for the rest of the year. The first event is on August 9 and we are ready to roll.

So what is Uitenhage experiencing first? A beauty basics class and mini photo exhibition brought to you by a bunch of amazing women, on woman’s day nogal and completely coincidental.

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So KidsCon is a thing!

This KidsCon post is not sponsored, I just know that many of you are in the same “mom of a gamer position” I am in, so I had to share that the highly anticipated ComicCon that takes place in Johannesburg, just had a baby.

Okay, I’m being silly, but from September 21st the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand will have a dedicated kids section at ComicCon

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