Mom and me curls with Pretty Please Charlie

One of the first South African blogs I found when I decided to become a “blogger” (am I a blogger yet by the way? have I passed the test? can I put it on my cv yet?) was Charlene from Pretty Please Charlie. I ended up featuring her about her blog and about her shoes.

I like her, can you tell?

Her daughter and herself have the most amazing blonde curls since like EVER!!! so here she is chatting about her hair 🙂

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Curly kids countdown: Karis

If you follow me on instagram (which you totally should HERE) you will know that I mentioned before that my son has a girl twin. Seriously doesn’t Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain‘s daughter Karis look a lot like Aidan (their related since Rob and Luchae are cousins, but even so the resemblance is uncanny)

Karis is today’s curly feature, read below on the trial and error her straight haired mom has gone through to keep the curls popping 🙂

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If your child does not love their curly fro…watch this

I know Disney Juniors line up pretty well. It happens when you have a young child and you are not completely against screen time, you suddenly find yourself knowing all about where Dora explores and what Sophia was first at. You understand the whimsy behind Goldie and bear and can’t get the stupid Mickey Mouse club house song out of your head…come inside it’s fun inside…

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Curly kids countdown: Shanton and Gea

Today I do my first curly kids feature!!! (Not counting Aidikins)

If you ever wondered what the point of these features and the curly countdowns were…the answer is simple:

I love natural curls but I also know that it can be a pain to maintain. With all the different hair types, curl patterns and new products coming out every day you are never quite sure if you are doing things correctly. So I thought if I could feature enough people with different hair types, curl patterns and routines,other curlies could hopefully find their match and that should make things a little easier.

I’ve also had friends with straight hair, who have curly kids, ask me to feature some curly kids so they can get some tips…

ALSO I’m nosey and I love looking at nice curls and asking people random questions.

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All about “the big chop” with Des

Before and After

My awesome brainiac of a  cousin Desthea “Des” has recently decided to embrace the curl and cut off all her hair.

Des is really great, we get along like a house on fire. She is part mechatronics student, part paint/sketch artist, part photographer and completely crazy, which makes her even cooler 🙂
I chatted to her about what the big chop meant to her.

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