Why I’m a vegetarian this month

Really Eleanor, vegetarian? So if you know me/my blog you would know that I like challenges, so you would not be too far off if you guessed that me going vegetarian had something to do with world vegetarian day (today) and month (October).

But it’s a little deeper than that because it has to do with my six-year-old son who tearfully became a vegetarian at the age of two because he figured out where meat came from.

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A DIY halo braid, you can reuse

So I’m typing this while wearing the halo braid in question, but the look itself is completely by accident. My Beauty blogger friend, Miriam Malauna has been inspiring me to try new things with my hair and with my new hair length I need all the inspiration I can get. I saw her do a halo braid on her Instagram and wanted to try it out, unfortunately my hair length and my hair styling skills were not up to it…

Instead I came up with this afro and messy braid look, with a halo braid hair head band you can use and reuse, a hair band that cost me less than R10 by the way…

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DIY a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

In need of a Valentine’s Day t-shirt?  If you have a child whose daily schedule still includes finger paints or building blocks, I am going to guess yes. Schools are big on dressing for the occasion, which is usually red and white, but I decided to be a little extra this year, I ditched the red and white and made Aidan a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

What make’s it a Valentine’s Day shirt in my opinion is the big’ol heart nose and the fact that it is both the “animal he loves” as well as the “colour he loves” – you can use this technique and tweak it to suit the wearer.

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