Can wooden toys stack up in a tech world (Tooky Toy review)

So it looks like Tooky Toy wooden play sets have reformed my tech crazy boys…

Aidan and Caleb don’t spend the whole day stuck to the TV or their tablets, they get out, they play in the dirt and cause a whole lot of trouble. However, when it comes to their toys, only buttons and batteries need apply… Until now

Aidan received the Tooky Toy Pattern Pegs and The Construction Builder Set from Baby Womb World to review and it was love at first sight (and naturally he needed to share with his cousin)… His obsession with these wooden toys are a pleasant surprise from the kid who wants to shove batteries in his plush toys so they can “do something”.

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I’m looking for book reviewers…

I have a few books that need reviewing, BUT I want it done in a book club style with more than one opinion (mine plus yours maybe?)Ā  so if you are game drop me a line and we can book club together…I have two of each book.

The books in question are Christian based books which are on my to-read list for the near future. I’ve collected a few books from Christian Art Media and due to the fact that I have not had any me time in a while, they have started to pile up…I am however giving myself screen free book time every night now so it is on guys: Pick a book and drop me a line šŸ™‚

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